A BSW degree is a good start to working in social work. There are a number of BSW programs available in the US. The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is an entry-level degree program for students that are interested in pursuing careers in macro, mezzo, or micro social work positions. The purpose of this program is to provide learners with generalist knowledge pertaining to their field, so that they can enter into positions responsible for helping people, groups, or entire communities throughout their career.

Bachelor's Degrees in Social Work

Sample Courses

As you step foot into your first course within your BSW program, you can expect to begin gaining helpful knowledge that can help you assist people working through life’s most difficult circumstances. The onset of your degree program may include a look into the development of the social welfare field and its missions for the American people.

Courses pertaining to the development of this program can provide you with more insight into the overall purpose of the social work field, allowing you to build upon these facts through additional courses during your program. The courses that you participate in during your program can help to create the social work professional that you can be after graduation.

Human Behavior and the Social Environment is a popular course option that can be found in large number of BSW programs. This course can outline a person’s biological, psychological, and social development throughout a lifespan. This course can be incredibly important for students that seek to understand human behavior and what drives people to interact with their environment in the ways that they do.

Child Welfare is another well-known course within the BSW curriculum. The child welfare division is a large component in the social work field and includes protecting children that may be subject to abuse or neglect. This course can provide you with information about identifying children in need, assessing for services, and providing services to meet their needs.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse is a class option that can provide learners with the opportunity to see the social environment through the eyes of people that are struggling with addiction or mental health diagnoses. There may be a large number of people in the social environment that require assistance with finding appropriate services for their ailments, but do not have the resources to obtain the help they need.

Your job as a social work professional may be to help people seeking out services to better their lives. These courses and many more can help you identify these people and connect them with services or organizations that can help change their lives indefinitely.