Wyoming currently provides a BSW option for learners that are prepared to engage in an intensive learning experience that includes both in-class and field experiences. These programs were designed to provide students with enough knowledge and expertise for immediate entry into the field or for continuation of education at the master's level.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Wyoming

Popular CSWE Accredited BSW Program

Students considering the BSW program in the state of Wyoming often look for programs that have long-standing accreditation and reliability. The most popular university for social work students throughout the state is currently the University of Wyoming, located in the popular city of Laramie.

This BSW option can help you prepare for state certification and was designed to provide you with the skills you need to make a difference in the lives of others. Learners participating in this BSW program may be required to engage in a 450-hour supervised practicum that can be incredibly important for their professional development.

The University of Wyoming also provide students with the option of 2 local campuses for their course work: Laramie and Casper. This can allow for more students from across the state to participate in this incredibly influential and highly-regarded program.

Regardless of where you are located within the state of Wyoming, you can find a BSW program that is suitable for your needs and contains all of your personal requirements for enrollment. The next step towards pursuing a degree program that can put you in touch with communities in need is submitting your application.

BSW Careers and Salary

If you have spent any time reviewing potential career options for social work graduates, you may already be aware of the incredibly wide reach of social work professionals in the field. Social workers can find careers in some of the major career fields like healthcare, social services, mental health, criminal justice, and even with school systems.

Your BSW degree can help you to obtain career titles like Health Educator, Social Research Specialist, Healthcare Social Worker, Insurance Liaison, and Family Service Specialist. Each career option listed can lead you into incredibly unique jobs that provide separate and specialized services to the population being served.

In some cities, social workers may be the primary guiding professionals for individuals on probation, students needing more assistance in their education programs, and even for aging adults that need an advocate when pursuing needed health and residential care. You can choose a career path based on your skills and interests related to helping others.

The average rate of pay for social work professionals across the state of Wyoming is currently $57,520 on average each year. This salary figure is provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and is based on the actual salaries of social workers employed within this state.