All across the state of Massachusetts, there are on-campus BSW options for you to enroll in. These options can enlighten you to the different social groups in society, their individual needs, and methods for obtaining the services and supports they need to thrive.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Massachusetts

Massachusetts BSW Careers and Salaries

If you are interested in becoming a social worker in the state of Massachusetts, you can potentially earn $75,340 each year on average. The amount of money you make can depend on which field you plan to pursue and the amount of experience you have.

Different subfields of social work may call upon people with different backgrounds, interests, and knowledge. Some of the most common social work fields chosen by new graduates may include child social work, medical social work, and mental health social work.

Mental health social workers may work alongside counselors as a follow-up provision for clients receiving mental health services. If you choose to work in this area, you may conduct home visits with your clients, arrange mental health and healthcare appointments, and attend school meetings for youth clients.

Medical social workers can be influential partners to individuals that are currently under the care of doctors or those receiving inpatient services at local hospitals. In this area, you may assist your clients with obtaining in-home supports or working with families to develop transitional plans for continued services.

Child and family social work can also be a rewarding field for you to choose after graduation. Providing services to families and organizing support services for children can help to ensure that individuals engage in beneficial developmental services while involved with the child welfare system.