Online Social Work Degree Programs

Having the vision to change the quality of life for the people around you is the first step in having a potentially fulfilling career in social work. This inert desire to assist the public with better services and more reliable resources is a quality that is found within the most qualified social work professionals. Turning this drive into reality can be achieved simply by considering the possibilities of an online degree in social work.

In recent years, the shift towards online education as a primary means of degree acquisition has grown stronger, making graduation a possibility for even more people than before. People can now be able to trust online degree programs as a source of licensure in the future as well as career gain throughout a lifetime. Online degree programs are widespread and constantly growing.

What Online Social Work Degrees Are There?

For individuals seeking a degree program that will allow them convenience and quality, online programs can be the answer.

Bachelor’s level programs are available through many online platforms.

Master’s level social work degrees can also be obtained through online degree programs – with some programs even providing different specialty focus programs for interested learners.

There are currently no doctoral level programs listed by the Council on Social Work accreditation list, but the list will continue to grow as more programs are reviewed.

Online Bachelors of Social Work Programs
Online Masters of Social Work Programs