The online DSW degree is the terminal degree for the social work field. At the doctorate level, graduates could possibly be responsible for providing guidance to a wide range of social work professionals, making this degree program a great choice for professors, or those interested in pursuing management-level positions in the field. If you would like to learn more about this program and its benefits, read along in the guide provided by our team of educational experts.

Online DSW (Doctor or PhD in Social Work)

Career Options with a DSW

Now that you have read more about what this degree program consists of and its overall mission, you might be interested in learning more about the careers that can manifest as a result of your dedication. The field of social work may be filled with an abundance of career options for graduates of the DSW program in the online environment.

Example titles

Since the DSW can provide you with more insight into the knowledge of financial management and guidance to social work professionals, you could pursue a career as a leader within a social work organization. Some example titles may include a Non-Profit Director, Social Services Manager, or Clinical Director.

Work within healthcare

Social work professionals that have an employment background in nursing or healthcare administration could utilize their doctorate degree as a means for obtaining careers as Nursing or Healthcare Administrators. This field may require that you have an extensive knowledge of healthcare guidelines and regulations within your state.

Potential to oversee a clinical team

If your prior social work experience was through licensure as a MSW or LCSW, you could seek out careers as a member of a Clinical Oversight Team or even as a regional Clinical Manager within your organization. Some career opportunities at the government level may require that doctoral-level graduates hold licensure is one of these social work areas.

Working in other industries

The social work field can be found under the blanket of human service organizations within a given community. Leadership professionals responsible for ensuring that these agencies operate according to policy may require DSW graduates to fill their positions responsible for regional management, auditing, and ensuring operation in accordance to policy.

Leadership is a top area

These types of leadership positions can be found through your local Department of Human Services and often require a minimum of a doctoral degree for incoming applicants. Since there are so many individual social work organizations within certain areas, your experience and education can lead you into diverse and multi-disciplinary career options throughout your career.