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Find inspiration in social work! Join us for captivating conversations with social work professionals tackling systemic issues, advocating for marginalized communities, and helping other social workers in the community. Gain insights for your own social work education and career journey in this new series hosted by Anna Shull, LMSW.

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Sojourner White

Crafting the Perfect MSW Personal Statement: A Conversation with Michelle Bruxer, MSW

Episode 6

Join us for a great conversation with Michelle Bruxer, MSW aka the Founder of MSW Helper, helping future social workers with crafting the perfect MSW personal statements and applications.

Sojourner White

Calling All Social Work Newbies: A Conversation with Regine Amos, MSW

Episode 5

Social Work newbies, this is a good one for you. We’re joined this week by Regine Amos, an MSW graduate who is now pursuing a fellowship in individual therapy, individual counseling, and working at a university with college students.

Cristino Chavez

Inside the World of Social Work Policy: A Conversation with Cristino Chavez, LMSW

Episode 4

Join us in this thought-provoking episode as we dive deep into the world of social work with our special guest, Cristino Chavez, a highly accomplished Research Associate, PhD student, adjunct professor, LMSW, and Immigration Court Mental Health Evaluator.