At the master's level, some students are usually expecting to spend around 2 years earning their college degree. Some may consider it standard knowledge - 4 years for your bachelor's and 2 years for your master's. However, social work educational programs have found a way to make the acquisition of a MSW even more convenient than before, cutting the time spent in these programs in half for students that qualify. If you might be interested in pursuing a master's degree that you can have in your hand in a year's time, this could definitely be a program for you to consider.

1 Year MSW Degrees

Understanding the Field of Social Work

Social work is an incredibly diverse field that calls upon dedicated professionals that are ready and willing to tackle some of life’s most complicated issues. One interesting factor about the field of social work is that people can present with complex issues that cannot be resolved without the help of knowledgeable social work professionals. The degree programs that are designed to prepare students for jobs in this field cannot teach students about how to use their personality to their advantage when working with clients in the field. This is why most social work degree programs may require that students either have work experience prior to entering or engage in a supervised internship prior to becoming licensed.

Many people work within social and human services

If you want to know more about what to expect in the social work field, you should know that the largest percentage of social work professionals currently work for the Department of Human Services. In this sector of the state, social workers are tasked with working with members of the community that are seeking resources for family nutrition, assistance with getting child or spousal support or even families that have been torn apart by substance abuse or criminal lifestyles. The job of the social worker may include more than just making phone calls and office visits. Professionals within this field may be responsible for integrating into families to identify strengths, weaknesses and programs that can benefit their needs.

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There are other areas

While this is a popular area for social workers to pursue a career, it definitely is not the only option for social workers within this domain. Many social workers try to find careers that are in line with their interests, as well as the people that they are most passionate about working with. If you already have a good idea of the type of people you would like to work with, this may be an easy step for you. Our team challenges you to consider which group within society you would most like to influence, so that you know which field could be the most relevant to you. Making this choice prior to choosing a degree program can make your journey more enjoyable along the way.

Specialized settings are common for social workers

There are many different specialized fields in which social workers can choose to pursue. Social work can be a useful tool in hospitals that are seeking people to work with clients that cannot make their own medical decisions, school systems that are seeking educated social workers to work with students through different life circumstances and educational support and even in mental health facilities with patients that have trouble understanding their treatment plans. Social workers may be the first resource for people that need help in their everyday life. If you have the yearning to help others in your heart, this could definitely be a great place for you to settle into a career.

Social Work Careers

Once you have completed your degree program and any internships that may be required throughout your degree program, you can finally breathe a breath of fresh air and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have met your goal. At this point, you may already have a good idea of what you would like to do with your new degree. However, for some graduates, there may be opportunities available that they were not aware of. Aside from the general social worker title, there are various positions that can be filled by professionals that are knowledgeable of the field of social work and the various social systems currently influencing society today.

What to know about licensure

The Master’s level social worker (LCSW or LICSW) can be a great leader in some of the common social and welfare fields available today. Having experience and more advanced learning through their degree program can provide a great foundation for providing assistance to others that are working directly in the public domain. These professionals may observe social workers while working with their clients to ensure that they are providing the right type of support for what is needed. They may also keep reports on data pertaining to the clients of their social workers, so that they can monitor overall progress of their team. In the event that changes are needed, leaders in the social work field may sometimes be the first person to step up and recommend action.

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Wrapping up

1-Year MSW programs can be a great way for professionals to quickly move into higher level positions in social service agencies all over the country. Students that enter into these programs are often those that desire further learning about social systems and policies, as well as those that are seeking advanced techniques to use in the field. As a professional, there should be a constant desire to learn more about your field so that you can always provide the best quality of service to the people you work with. Below this section, our team of educational experts has provided a list of common careers available to professionals at this degree level. Take a look below to see what you could pursue after completing this program.

  • Gerontological Social Worker
  • Psychiatric Social Worker
  • Public Health Social Worker
  • Social Worker in Adoption/Foster Care Services