California offers online and traditional accredited Bachelor of Social Work programs for you to choose from. Each of these degree options can allow students to explore the foundations of the social service field and provide building knowledge that leads to entry-level careers in the field or higher learning through MSW programs in California if you already have your BSW.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in California

BSW Careers and Salaries

For new learners pursuing an online and accredited BSW programs, the career outlook can be incredibly diverse and include several different professional fields. Many social workers completing their BSW and pursuing entry-level positions in the field can obtain careers for social service agencies as case management professionals.

Social workers at the bachelor’s level can also provide case management services within the health care field, which can include organizing medical services for clients, working with families during difficult decision-making processes, and educating clients on their options and resources while under a physician’s care.

Working in the School System

Alternative career options could include providing one-on-one services to children in the school system or even partnering with mental health agencies for service coordination for clients. Skills in the field of social work can allow graduates to exercise their expertise in fields working directly with the public.

Salaries for BSWs in California

The earnings for social work professionals in the state of California can vary depending on your overall level of education and experience. Social workers currently providing services at the bachelor’s level have an average salary of $72,200 in California.