Students entering into the MSW without a BSW can find a multitude of online programs to choose from for smooth transitioning into this specialized degree area. Online MSW degree programs can provide learners with the opportunity for independent learning, as well as strengthening their self-discipline with completing assignments in the online course room.

MSW Programs for those without a BSW Degree

Social Work Licensure

If you have enrolled in a MSW program without the completion of a BSW, your licensure process will be similar to the path the BSW learners take. In the field of social work bachelor’s level social workers can often become licensed after the completion of their degree program.

As you work through a master’s program, you may have opportunities to engage in supervised practica and independent field work under a supervisor to contribute to your licensure requirements. Having licensure at lower degree tiers does not put professionals at a huge advantage in the field.

In order to be considered for social work licensure, your master’s program should be accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). You can verify your degree’s accreditation either through your university or through the CSWE website. Confirming this accreditation can help you rest assured that your program meets your state’s licensing standard.

The reliability of your degree program is not the only component considered during the licensure process. Most states require that you also engage in fieldwork requirements, which are usually embedded within your degree program.

A test of your abilities in the field of social work can be your final step towards working with clients in the field. This examination can consists of topics learned during the courses within your program, as well as practical knowledge gained while in the field. Successful completion of this test can help you fast-track the licensure process in your state.

MSW Career Outlook

The social work field can essentially be a mixing bowl of opportunity for graduates of the MSW program. Social work positions can be found in some of the most popular career fields, such as healthcare and social services.

As a social worker, you can have the skills needed to assess the needs of your clients, develop a client-centered plan, and help people get in touch with services that can improve their quality of life.

Some of the most prominent employers of social workers are hospitals, social service organizations, the court system, and mental health facilities. In any environment in which people are served, social workers can be helpful professionals to help guide individuals along the way.

One interesting component about the MSW program is that it can allow graduates to provide mental health counseling to individuals while under the supervision of a LCSW. This can be an interesting career option for professionals that are intrigued by helping others in a higher dimension that just general social work.

With more supervised clinical experience and additional certifications, MSW holders can move forward into higher tier licensure brackets. The LCSW is a designation given to professionals that can provide mental health counseling to clients, as well as advanced practice clinical social workers.

Overall, the field of social work can be an incredibly diverse career field for professionals interested in pursuing a wide range of goals throughout their experience. If you are the type of person that can maintain multiple responsibilities, work with diverse clients with different needs, and provide unique care depending on your client’s needs, the MSW may be the right choice for you.