Residents of Illinois seeking out careers in the field of social work can begin their journey through one of the state's traditional BSW programs. Bachelor of Social Work degree programs are diverse in that they are suitable for new high school graduates, adult learners going back to school for a higher education, and previous graduates seeking alternative career options.

Bachelor of Social Work Programs in Illinois

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BSW programs may also be the minimum degree requirement for many entry-level careers in the social work field. Some students may prefer traditional degree programs that include face-to-face learning and in-class lectures, while other students may require flexible online programs that fit the needs of a busy schedule.

In the last decade, the popularity of online degree programs has grown tremendously. Online BSW programs can provide students with an equal level of quality all while allowing them to pursue the degree of their dreams from their very own home.

What To Look For In A BSW Degree

When choosing an educational program to enroll in, you are encouraged to choose from programs that meet your scheduling standards. There are multiple programs throughout the U.S. that offer flexible scheduling, part-time or full-time enrollment, and multiple start dates per year.

If you are an upcoming BSW student that is considering programs within the state of Illinois, read more in this guide below. Our team seeks to provide you with more information about these specific degree programs and the types of careers that they can lead you to in the field.

Popular Accredited Illinois BSW Program

Students within the state of Illinois may choose from a wide variety of BSW programs along their path. One of the most popular degree programs for students enrolling in BSW programs in Illinois is Illinois State University's innovative BSW.

Illinois State University BSW Degree

Illinois State University's program consists of a 54 credit-hour requirement that is spread over the course of 4 years. During this time frame, students can study the introductory aspects of social work, techniques related to assessment and planning in the field, and details about specific treatment groups that they may come in contact with while working in this field.

In addition to course work, many programs offering the BSW may also require that students participate in internships or other supervised field experience while enrolled. This experience can allow learners to experience aspects of their curriculum that they may never have come in contact with and provide them with hands-on experience for use later in their careers.

BSW Degrees and Coursework

Social workers may be some of the most in-demand professionals throughout the state of Illinois. These professionals can provide extremely valuable services to the public and provide relief to social service agencies providing vital programs to children and families.

There are multiple universities throughout Illinois that currently offer BSW options to interested learners. Bradley University and Illinois State University are just a few of the many schools that provide reliable and accredited BSW programs for students to engage with.

Typical Coursework

During your BSW program, you can take a multitude of courses that are aligned to provide you with an optimum learning experience in this treatment area. The course work often includes concepts related to the development of the social work field, in depth practical skills, and ethics regarding your services in the public domain.

The standard BSW degree program typically begins with enrollment into general education courses such as Algebra, Sociology, and Psychology. These courses can set the foundation for learning within specific treatment areas and can be accompanied by introductory courses such as the Introduction to Social Work course.

Later in the program, you may take courses like Social Work with Women, which provide students with a detailed look at the specific struggles in society that may be faced by female citizens as well as the services and supports that are available through various community programs.

School Social Work Practice is another course offering that can be incredibly beneficial to social workers that are engaging within their communities. This course can offer skills related to educational planning, IEP team support, and identifying diverse needs in the educational environment.

Illinois BSW Careers and Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, social workers in the state of Illinois can earn on average $61,640 per year. This average can include social work positions in many different specialty fields, including those in social services and legal/court family support.

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If you are thinking of pursuing a career in social work after receiving your BSW, you can choose from a large number of potential career fields depending on your interests. Social work positions may be separated by specialty field or can focus specifically on different treatment groups that are separated by treatment need or age.

Illinois Social Work Organizations

Some common social work positions in the state of Illinois include Healthcare Social Workers, who are responsible for providing support and guidance to individuals receiving care through hospitals or other medical care agencies. In other areas of the state, Child Welfare Social Workers can be popular options for new BSW graduates.

In child welfare, social workers may be primarily assigned a caseload of children that are in need of permanency planning, therapeutic services, and weekly visits to check well-being. Child welfare may be one of the largest fields for social workers in the U.S.

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You are not limited to these particular fields after completing your BSW program. Alternative career options in School Social Work, Geriatric Social Work, and Substance Abuse Social Work may also be available for professionals in the state of Illinois.