Residents of Illinois seeking out careers in the field of social work can begin their journey through one of the state's traditional BSW programs. Bachelor of Social Work degree programs are diverse in that they are suitable for new high school graduates, adult learners going back to school for a higher education, and previous graduates seeking alternative career options.

Bachelor of Social Work Programs in Illinois

Illinois BSW Careers and Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, social workers in the state of Illinois can earn on average $61,640 per year. This average can include social work positions in many different specialty fields, including those in social services and legal/court family support.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in social work after receiving your BSW, you can choose from a large number of potential career fields depending on your interests. Social work positions may be separated by specialty field or can focus specifically on different treatment groups that are separated by treatment need or age.

Illinois Social Work Organizations

Some common social work positions in the state of Illinois include Healthcare Social Workers, who are responsible for providing support and guidance to individuals receiving care through hospitals or other medical care agencies. In other areas of the state, Child Welfare Social Workers can be popular options for new BSW graduates.

In child welfare, social workers may be primarily assigned a caseload of children that are in need of permanency planning, therapeutic services, and weekly visits to check well-being. Child welfare may be one of the largest fields for social workers in the U.S.

You are not limited to these particular fields after completing your BSW program. Alternative career options in School Social Work, Geriatric Social Work, and Substance Abuse Social Work may also be available for professionals in the state of Illinois.