If you live in the state of North Carolina, you may have close access to BSW programs currently accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. All over this state, there are 23 accredited BSW programs available to on-campus learners.

North Carolina Bachelor of Social Work Degrees

Sample BSW Courses

Courses within the BSW program can touch on micro and macro social work practice. Micro social work courses like Social Work Practice with Individuals can provide you with skills relevant to assessing and planning for individuals or maybe even a small case load of clients.

Macro social work courses like Social Work Practice with Communities can allow students to view social problems from an outside perspective and help students to plan programs that can have a greater effect on larger groups of people.

In addition to practical skills, students in this program can also participate in courses like Mental and Emotional Disorders, Cultural Diversity, and Psychosocial Development to better prepare for working with incredible diverse groups of people within society.

North Carolina BSW Careers and Salaries

As a social worker in the state of North Carolina, you can expect to make around $57,310 each year in your field. Since the field of social work can encompass so many different professional fields, the rate of pay for social workers can vary depending on where you work and the amount of experience you have in the field.

Some social workers may enjoy working with non-profit organizations that provide specialized services to the public, such as acting court representatives for children or adults facing challenging legal proceedings. In other settings, social workers can provide individual assessment and treatment planning to clients that are receiving state welfare services.

One of the growing professional fields for social work professionals can be found in the healthcare and health insurance fields. These professionals can work to guide clients through complex medical treatments, assist with finding supportive home services, and check-in on their clients to ensure progress on health-related goals.

The field of social work is largely based on supporting people, educating the public, and advocating for the needs of clients. If you choose to pursue this career field through higher education, you can possible find careers in popular fields such as Community Health, Education, Healthcare, and Mental Health.