Part-time online MSW programs are a specialized learning option that cater to the needs of busy adult learners. While the program consists of the same elements as standard MSW programs, the program offers students more flexibility that the traditional program. If you are a full-time employee that is seeking advancement in your career, a parent catering to the needs of children, or simply a new high school graduate looking for maximum flexibility with your college courses, the part-time online MSW could be the right choice for you to pursue.

Online MSW Programs Available Part-Time


Students enrolling in part-time degree programs may be interested in knowing how a supervised clinical experience can fit into an online degree program. Universities offering the MSW online often have practicum requirements associated with their completion.

At one university, students begin planning for their supervised experience component at the onset of their program. A location is decided upon and clinical visits are scheduled for the student to attend.

During this part of the degree process, students may be required to spend a designated portion of time on-site with a license supervisor. This experience can count as credit toward the degree program, as well as contribute to the licensure experience requirements.

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Degree programs leading to licensure should also hold the proper accreditation for the licensing purpose. The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) is the most trusted accrediting body for social work degree programs, even those offered in online and part-time format.

In addition to practicum requirements, MSW learners may also be required to complete an examination prior to being permitted to hold licensure. This part of the process is completed after you have received your degree and finished all supervision requirements.

Each state may have a varying licensure process for upcoming social work professionals. Our team encourages you to explore what your state requires for licensure prior to choosing a degree program and beginning your experience.

Career Options

If you have spent a significant amount of time working towards a MSW degree, you may desire to have plentiful career options awaiting you after completion. The field of social work can be an excellent place to exercise your skills and abilities in this field, as well as use your knowledge to help others lead healthier and happier lives.

A MSW and professional licensure can permit you to apply for positions as clinical social workers, medical social workers, or even social services case workers. Some management positions in these fields also prefer master’s-level degree holders, often paired with a certain amount of professional experience in the field.

As a social worker, you may be responsible for working directly with clients that are in need of specialized care or guidance for different purposes in their lives. As an example, medical social workers may assist adults make important medical decisions, arrange specialists appointments, and coordinate benefits coverage for specific procedures.

One unique attribute of the MSW is graduates’ capability of providing mental health services to the public. Under the supervision of licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs), MSW holders can provide counseling services to individuals struggling with the demands of everyday life, or those going through difficult life circumstances.

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In some areas, social workers can also work with the court system and be assigned to particular clients by court order. Drug rehabilitation, child protective services, and disability services are just a few topics that could warrant the use of social work professionals.

Upcoming students interested in engaging in careers that can help others work through challenges or barriers within their lives should take advantage of the convenience of online and part-time MSW programs.