The full-time online MSW consists of courses that can expand your skills in working with individuals and groups within the public, as well as in partnerships with other human service organizations in the public. While you are enrolled in this program, you may also have opportunities to shadow current licensed social workers in the field to help quantify the responsibilities of professionals in this field.

Online MSW Programs With A Full-Time Option

What Can You Do With a MSW?

The full-time online MSW can help you prepare for a wide range of career options focused on helping individuals and groups in many different ways. When you first start searching for available online degree programs, you may notice that some offer specialization options in a few different areas.

Some of the most popular MSW specialization options can provide you with focus in different general service areas for social work professionals. These broader areas can cover social work in the field of education, healthcare, and social services.

Choosing a broad specialization can help you when seeking out diverse careers in any of these different fields, without associating you with one specific career option. If you were to choose a degree program in school social work, you may find career opportunities within many diverse educational settings from a variety of school systems.

More specific degree specializations can also help you solidify a direct path into your career of choice. Some individuals may seek out MSW programs focusing on Geriatric Social Work or Child and Adolescent Social Work as a means for working with the population that they are most passionate about.

Even within these specializations you may find extremely diverse career options in multiple professional fields. Regardless of which specialization you choose for your program, achieving licensure as a social work professional can be beneficial during your career search and throughout the duration of your career.

Graduates that achieve licensure at the MSW level can expand their expertise into fields such as counseling, since MSW graduates may be permitted to provide counseling services under the supervision of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Social Work Licensing

There may be numerous benefits associated with pursuing your full-time online MSW. One of those benefits is the opportunity to become licensed at the MSW level, which can lead you into many intriguing positions in healthcare, education, social services, and even private practice.

The licensing process for social work professionals can actually begin at the bachelor’s level. Most states require that students completed a CSWE-accredited degree program in order to qualify for licensure, with a number of students choosing masters-level programs to exercise their highest potential.

Licensing involves the completion of an accredited degree program, as well as a 2-year supervised experience component under the supervision of a licensed social worker. Some schools can help you identify a placement for your supervised experience, while others may allow you to seek out a local agency for this experience.

In addition to degrees and experience, you may also be required to take a board examination for social work professionals. This final step can help to ensure that you have learned all of the critical components of social work and can apply them in a variety of different scenarios.

As with most licensing options, you can also be subject to license renewals every few years, as well as continuing education. Choosing to become licensed at the masters-level can open up opportunities to become involved in counseling professions when supervised by a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW).

Advantages of Full Time Online MSW Programs

Most students pondering enrollment into higher degree programs may be seeking ways to make more money in their career, or quickly gain access to more fulfilling positions in fields they are passionate about. While some students may not have the time or resources to engage in full-time learning, it can be the quickest way to pursue better career options in the social work domain.

Full-time online MSW programs can provide students with the benefit of a maximum number of courses per semester, with the opportunity to complete these courses completely online. For students that currently hold full-time jobs or have busy family lives, the online component may be the main reason why they are able to complete a degree program.

Full-time degree programs on campus may also require students to spend a majority of their week on-campus, going from class to class each day. In the online setting, students can complete their work at times that work for them and have the capability of learning at their own pace.

Classes in the traditional setting may be anywhere from 1-3 hours long, which can take up valuable time for students that are able to complete their homework in a short amount of time. If you are the type of person that is quick to learn and independent in completing tasks, full-time online MSW may be the right choice for you.

Length of Time to Completion

One of the advantages to completing a full-time online MSW program is the length of time it takes to complete it. Most master’s level degree programs can last around 2 years for students that are enrolled at a full-time rate, unless the university offers expedited learning opportunities or shorter-term courses.

In most cases, students can complete their online full-time MSW in 1.5-2 years. There are some colleges throughout the U.S. that state their programs can be completed in a little over one year.

One way that you can expedite your graduation from the MSW is through gaining relevant experience in the social work field prior to applying. Students that are entering into MSW programs from the BSW level may also qualify for shorter programs that build upon social work language learned in lower degree programs.

Regardless of whether or not you have had educational or professional experience in the social work field, online full-time MSW programs can be a great way for you learn more about this field and enter into a highly in-demand career field.