Florida currently offers students CSWE-accredited BSW programs. These programs are available at locations all over the state, making it potentially convenient for students all over the state of Florida.

Florida Bachelor of Social Work Degrees

Curriculum for Bachelor of Social Work Programs

One of the most important aspects of a degree program is its curriculum. The courses included in a program can essentially be the entirety of what molds you into a social work professional as you move close to graduation. Each program may contain unique course options with topics relevant to social work practice.

Social Work Practice

Social work degree programs can provide students with access to courses such as Social Work Practice with Aging Adults and Social Work Practice with Children. These courses can provide you with information relevant to practice within different specialty areas – such as service coordination for the elderly or children.

Aging Process

These courses can also provide you with more background information into the aging process – both physically and mentally, or insight into child development to help strengthen your knowledge of the treatment group.

Case Management

Other courses such as Social Work Case Management can also be important to your development as an upcoming professional. This course can provide learners with knowledge and skills in service coordination, organization, and communication skills needed to prevail in this line of work.

BSW Careers and Salaries

In the state of Florida, social workers can make around $64,810 on average per year. The amount of money that you make as a social worker can vary depending on the groups you choose to work with, the demand for social work professionals, and your overall experience.

A large majority of social workers in Florida may work for agencies providing services to children or families that have been displaced. In this area, you may have a case load of clients that need assistance with obtaining health, education, or vocational services to help better their lives.

Another popular career area for social work professionals in this state can be found within healthcare social work. Hospitals, insurance companies, and other medical facilities may employ social workers as additional support tools for their patients.

Social workers in this field may assist their clients with obtaining needed support services, transportation, and financial assistance for needed health care. Medical social workers can be incredibly important parts of the healthcare team.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree and career in social work, our team encourages you to explore the numerous options for educational training within your state. These programs can provide you with a reliable training program that can help you obtain unique careers in healthcare, education, or social services at multiple levels.