There are 36 total BSW programs in Texas in our database. There are multiple online BSW programs available at Texas universities (schools that have a campus based in a Texas city).

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Texas

BSW Careers and Salaries

Before you choose a program and enroll into your online BSW program, you should review some of the careers available to BSW graduates in the field. The field of social work is one of the most diverse career fields in the U.S., since it can apply to many different professional fields.

A few notes on BSW careers:

  • Social workers can be found working for local agencies such as the Department of Human or Children’s Services, mostly providing direct services and supports to families in need. Alternative career options at the bachelor’s level can be found in the mental health field or healthcare fields.
  • Some social work professionals at the bachelor’s level may also pursue careers in the field of education. Many career fields that provide services to the public can benefit from having social workers on staff to act as liaisons to the public during the service process.
  • The role of the social worker in Texas can vary depending on the field. Some social workers may conduct home visits, assessments, and interviews in order to ensure safety. While others may work for agencies responsible for coordinating multiple services for individuals and families.
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  • In fields like healthcare social work, professionals may work to obtain services and supports that are needed by clients without the ability to fight for their own rights. This is part of what makes social work such as fulfilling field for those involved.
  • The amount of money you make each year can be based upon your individual experience, degree level, and chosen field of study within social work. Most social workers within the state of Texas can obtain a $69,070 median salary per year. This salary data was provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and represents currently social workers employed within this state.