About SocialWorkDegrees.org

SocialWorkDegrees.org was created as a comprehensive resource for exploring colleges and universities offering a degree in Social Work. All degree levels are covered – Undergraduate and Graduate, and every university in the United States is listed in our database (if there is one missing please let us know!).

We use the United States Department of Labor and US Census Bureau, as well as the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) as our data sources to aggregate all of the social work programs and pertinent information for working in the social work field.

About SocialWorkDegrees.org

Social Work Degrees is owned and operated by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

SocialWorkDegrees.org researches up-and-coming degree programs, aggregates college educational data, and created this website resource for potential college students. We then help universities find students that are the right fit for their degree programs.

The Team Behind SocialWorkDegrees.org

There are numerous researchers, fact-checkers, writers, programmers, and designers that work on SocialWorkDegrees.org.

History of SocialWorkDegrees.org

Social Work Degrees was originally created in 2015, with a focus only on Social Work degrees, programs, careers, and more. Over the years, we have reviewed thousands of programs, careers, and data to help this website grow. We are continuously researching specific programs, and reviewing them for our readership.

Multiple resources used throughout this website include:

Our goal is to provide all of the information on social work education in just one place, then provide you with the information you need to make a decision on your education. We write about:

  • Regional, state-by-state coverage of social work in each state, including different universities in that state.
  • Detailed information and research on specific career paths and occupations one can have with a social work degree
  • Specific social work degrees and all of the accredited universities in the United States that offer the degree

Maintaining Accuracy

We strive to keep the most accurate and up-to-date information specific only to social work degree programs offered at universities throughout the United States. We use several different sources for our data, but if you find a program or university with incorrect information please be sure to submit the issue with the contact form. We will look at it as soon as possible and make any adjustments after we verify the accuracy.


We cite a lot of statistics, numbers, studies, and other data when researching and writing about information we feel is relevant for any current or prospective counselor. Again, if you find any errors please let us know be emailing us at schools (at) socialworkdegrees.org.

Researching Accredited Social Work Programs

On this website, we have gathered all CSWE accredited social work programs we could find in the United States. We have researched different online programs, with some of those programs paying us for advertisements on the site. Despite us vetting any featured program on our website, you are responsible for doing your own research.

School and Program Listings

We take our listings seriously, every schools has been reviewed by one of our researchers to keep as accurate of a database as we can. Our newest program list was loaded to the site in the spring of 2020 and should be current. However, if there is a listing that needs updated please email us so we can review and update it (schools at socialworkdegrees.org).

Using Social Work Degrees.org

Social Work Degrees.org is a great place to find social work programs – we have a list of every CSWE accredited social work program in our database, and display those schools throughout the site. We take our listing seriously, so if you notice anything that needs updated, please let us know by emailing schools (at) socialworkdegrees.org. Here are a few quick ways to find a social work program:

  1. Accepting Online Programs: Search online programs that are currently accepting applicants
  2. View Programs: Online BSW, Online MSW, or Online DSW
  3. Search by State: MSW Programs by State | BSW Programs by State


You will notice throughout the site that there are advertisements. We primarily place featured listings for different universities that could be of interest to someone looking for a degree in counseling, psychology, or similar field. Every university on any of our sites is fully vetted, and is accredited, but you are responsible for fully vetting any program you consider. We have made our best attempt to label any advertisements as sponsored programs or sponsored ads – generally if you see a logo of a university, that is an advertisement.


To get in contact with us for any updates or anything else, please email us (schools at socialworkdegrees.org).

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