Macro Social Work degree programs can introduce students to topics concerning large groups within society, different cultures and social systems that can play a role in the wellness of people within. This knowledge can assist students with learning more about how these systems can increase the quality of life for people in society, as well as methods for inspiring change within these systems. The curriculum within these degree programs can help students learn about the relationship between micro, mezzo and macro social work, as well as their role in the service implementation process.

Macro Social Work Degrees

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Social work professionals may work in various fields that can be influential to society as a whole. There are different levels of social work degree programs that can assist students with learning relevant information for the type of career they choose to pursue.

While a large majority of upcoming social work professionals choose to engage in degree programs that focus on individual care, there is a percentage of the social work population that may choose to learn more about large-scale social systems, policies and regulations that can affect society as a whole. These degree programs may be referred to as macro social work programs.

Our team of educational experts has provided more information about these intriguing degree programs in the guide below. Read along to see if this is the type of degree program that may interest you.

Who Should Study Macro Social Work?

If you are the type of person that seeks widespread influence on society, Macro Social Work degree programs could be a great option for you to pursue. The degree programs can help prepare you for a career that involves taking a look at the policies that govern welfare programs, educational support programs and even community wellness programs that people may rely on to receive services that may not be financially reasonable for them to pursue on their own.

Once you have completed a degree program in Macro Social Work, you may have the knowledge and skills that are required for obtaining leadership positions in social service agencies, government positions responsible for reviewing and improving social policies or even in positions that approach the government to try and influence social change.

Online Macro Social Work Programs

In society today, people may always be searching for new and innovative ways to make tasks more convenient for the people completing them. One huge change in the educational field within the last decade is the implementation of large numbers of online degree programs.

Online degree programs are offered by universities with multiple degree options and can provide students with high quality learning without a lot of sacrifice or time dedication. These online degree programs may have helped many people obtain their college degree, some that may have never had the opportunity to do so before. If you have a busy lifestyle and many responsibilities as a hard-working adult, you are just the type of person that online degree programs were created for.

Online Macro Social Work degree programs can also be found in large quantities in the online setting. Some extremely reputable universities, like those you can read about in the list below, offer these programs to students that are interested in learning more about the field of social work without having to attend classes in person. A simple internet search for these types of degree programs can set you on track for hours of browsing through reliable and accredited online degree programs that can result in higher licensure within the social work field.

While in Online Macro Social Work degree programs, students attend classes by logging in to the virtual course room from their personal computer. The course layout may contain easy navigation tools that can allow you to view each week's assignments, locate discussion boards and even a tool for uploading your assignments. Most online courses also contain a virtual testing tool for taking part in required examinations. The benefits to online degree programs may go well beyond traditional education programs for busy adults. These courses may allow you to complete and submit work at your own pace, or allow for submission of homework assignments before a flexible deadline.

Online Macro MSW Programs

  • Boston University: Boston University can be a great option for upcoming MSW learners interested in getting the most from their degree program. If you choose to enroll at this school, you may be required to engage in a 65 credit hour requirement that consists of coursework relevant to policy change and enhancement. As part of this program, students may be required to engage in 2 field internships, which can allow for advanced learning in a real-world environment. This school also offers weekend class sessions for students that are interested.
  • Walden University: Whether you are interested in pursuing careers at the local or government level, you should seek out a degree program that can help you learn more about the policies and regulations that direct the social work field. Walden University currently offers an online MSW program for students interested in doing just that. This program may require students to engage in 2-3 years of course work through this university, which is standard for most online MSW program. As part of accreditation requirements, students may also be required to take part in a supervised internship experience before receiving their diploma.
  • Florida State University: The online MSW at Florida State University is a reliable and reviewed program suitable for professionals interested in pursuing macro social work positions all over the U.S. Students in this program may need to complete 61 credit hours in order to graduate, as well as 2 internships in the field during their experience. This program enrolls students in 2 courses per semester, which are 16 weeks in length, in order to keep students at a productive pace throughout their program. Students can choose from part-time or full-time options depending on their needs and schedule.

Typical Coursework to Expect for Macro MSW

Rather than just hearing about these program and their conveniences, our team of educational experts wish to provide you with specific information on what to expect when enrolled in these degree programs. The layout of Online Macro Social Work classes can differ depending on the college you choose to enroll with. One thing that is unlikely to change is the curriculum. Since most social work positions require that professionals obtain their licensure before working in the field, states may often regulate the course sequences that students are required to take throughout their degree program. This can allow for assurance that students are learning the required topics for the career and are qualified to work in positions in various social work tiers.

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Some of the most common topics found within Online Macro Social Work degree programs may be those that can familiarize students with the population that wish to work with. For macro learners, this can mean looking closer at state or national statistics or research into specific cultural groups. Learning more about the population can help social work professionals provide a better quality of service to the people being served. Within these courses, students may also learn about the different types of social service agencies available, as well as the laws and regulations that are associated with each service area. From an outward perspective, students can gain knowledge that may be helpful during the implementation of change or improvement programs within each area.

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Below this section, please find a list of common courses found in Online Macro Social Work degree programs. Each of these courses addresses different topics that may be important to the development of efficient macro social workers. As you read through each one, try to visualize how each of these topics could be beneficial to you in improving social wellness for the people you serve. If these types of courses are aligned with what you wish to do in your career, choosing Macro Social Work degree programs may be the best option for you to pursue.

  • Social Change: In macro social work positions, professionals may be challenged with creating new and innovative programs that seek to improve the community. This course can help students better organize their ideas about providing successful programs and policies, so that positive social change can take place. In this course, students can also learn more about the implementation of social policies within nonprofit organizations, as well as government-level entities that are responsible for social change.
  • International Social Work Perspectives: Students enrolled in macro social work degree programs can also benefit from expanding their learning beyond what is known and practiced within the United States. Students enrolled in this course can take a look at human service delivery from an international perspective, identify areas that are effective and work to improve current systems in the United States using these methods. Students may also engage in international research on social service agencies as part of course requirements.
  • Social Welfare Policy and Services: Beginning at the forefront of social welfare agencies, this course can inform students on the development of social welfare policies and the social issues that influenced their implementation. This course may also investigate economical and political influences that have guided the creation of more effective social welfare policies and services. Students in this course can learn about how many different factors can influence social policies and services and how these entities may continue to evolve over time.

An Overview of Macro Social Work

Macro Social Work may be considered the all-encompassing sector of social work that seeks widespread change and improvement for the U.S. Within this program area, students can gain skills that are relevant to the scientific implementation of social research. This may include a deeper look into research methods that are popular within the field of sociology, which is the primary field of social work professionals. During educational programs, students may be responsible for learning more about how to conduct social research while working in various positions in Macro Social Work.

In addition to research, macro social work may also contain elements similar to that of political or governmental positions. Social work advocates may be responsible for working towards social change within their communities or for a specific purpose. Using information that is gained through social research, advocates at this level may lobby for better social service agencies, more effective systems within a particular geographical area or even fair treatment of certain groups of citizens. There are many different areas in which macro social work can have an influence on the improvement of social systems, with this area being popular for social workers interested in positive change.

Macro Social Work may also partner with Micro Social Work professionals when identifying the needs of a certain community. These professionals may gain better insight on the population being served through interviews of networking with individual service agents currently working in the field. Using information from those that work directly with clients can be helpful in determining where a relevant starting place could be for social programs or initiates that are presented for creation. Macro Social Work professionals in this area may also oversee large areas of social service agencies run by Micro Social Work professionals.

While all social work positions may be important to the improvement of society, each sector may play a different role in how these services are implemented and maintained over time. Society is a complex entity that requires several different levels of perspectives in order to create systems that can useful for individuals, groups and even society as a whole. People that are intrigued by the idea of creating and implementing programs that can change community wellness for the better could be great additions to the field of Macro Social Work.

Macro Social Work Jobs or Career Options

The type of career you choose after receiving your degree in Macro Social Work should rely on your personality, your goals and the population you wish to work with in the field. If you have already chosen Macro Social Work as your field of choice, it may be safe to assume that you wish to pursue larger endeavors than working with individuals in the field. Your previous experience in the field of social work can also be helpful in obtaining your dream career, so this may be another factor for you to consider prior to enrolling in these online degree programs. Most students that enroll in these master’s programs have already obtained their BSW and have a license to practice social work in the field.

With a license, you can freely choose which sector of social work to exhibit your skills. A lot of professionals at this degree level may pursue careers that are involved with providing leadership and management to micro or mezzo social work groups, while others choose to move forward into government-level positions within their city or state. Regardless of which you choose, you can have an influence on the quality of services provided to people within your geographical area and beyond.

Some careers at this level may also include plan-specific options for current areas without a lot of structure or organization. As the need arises, social work professionals may be called in to evaluate the current status of an area, identify needs in the community and develop a program plan that can connect the community with services that can increase their quality of life. Professionals that work in positions such as this one may work solely in community planning and be called upon in the event that new communities or geographical areas are in need of services.

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There are few things that are certain within the social work field. One thing that may be regular within your careers is working hand-in-hand with other social work professionals on time-sensitive projects that can help people lead better lives. Part of your job may be pitching ideas to upper levels of government, fighting for the rights of the people being served and even analyzing the results of certain social programs within your target communities. You initiating and follow-up services can help in finding problems that may be hindering progress and putting in solutions that are helpful in deterring this type of interference. Our team of educational experts has listed some popular job titles for Macro Social Work professionals below. Take a look to see if any of these positions seem like something you could commit to in the field.

  • Social Policy Analyst
  • Community Social Worker
  • Social Welfare Analyst
  • Social Program Planner