Inside the World of Social Work Policy: A Conversation with Cristino Chavez, LMSW

Join us in this thought-provoking episode as we dive deep into the world of social work with our special guest, Cristino Chavez, a highly accomplished Research Associate, PhD student, adjunct professor, LMSW, and Immigration Court Mental Health Evaluator. Mr. Chavez shares crucial insights on understanding social work policy, working with children and adolescents in high-risk neighborhoods, the value of having a social work degree on your resume, and why therapists should pursue therapy for themselves. Gain fresh perspectives and tangible takeaways to enhance your own practice and expand your understanding of the impact and potential of social work.


0:00 – Intro

1:23 — The difference between social work and psychology degree paths

2:46 — Social work is highly applicable and sought after on resumes

5:10 — Starting his social work journey at Adelphi University

7:26 — Taking advantage of all the opportunities in your social work program

10:04 — Journey from student to social worker

12:17 — Working with children and adolescents in high-risk neighborhoods

13:30 — Working with the Crime Victims Assistance Bureau

15:21 — Navigating your own trauma while helping others with trauma through therapy

18:24 — Importance of setting boundaries as a social worker

20:05 — Social work is broad, keep your options open

25:14 — Experiencing impostor syndrome in social work

26:32 — The revolutionary who inspires Cristino

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Similar Degree Programs

Cristino got his BA in Psychology from SUNY Old Westbury, holds an MSW from Adelphi University, and is currently pursuing his PhD. If you’re interested in a similar education path like Cristino, we at recommend checking out these programs:

-Baylor University: Online Master of Social Work (NO GRE)

-University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Online MSW, multiple tracks

-Simmons College: Clinical MSW/Advanced Standing + Online MSW (NO GRE)

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