We found 10 MSW programs in Massachusetts. Licensure for Social Workers in Massachusetts is administered by the Board Of Registration Of Social Workers , and the National Social Workers is run by the NASW Massachusetts Chapter.

MSW Programs in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts MSW Programs

Number of Accredited MSW Programs in Massachusetts Schools with MSW Programs
10 MSW programs in Massachusetts
Massachusetts Social Work Licensure Social Work Licensure
LCSW, LMSW and LSW licensure in Massachusetts is overseen by the Board Of Registration Of Social Workers.
Massachusetts Social Work Organizations Social Work Careers
The National Association of Social Workers chapter in Massachusetts is the NASW Massachusetts Chapter.

Degree programs in social work can be a great resource for upcoming professionals interested in making a difference within their communities.

Massachusetts is a state that promotes social awareness, helping others, and working together for a greater cause. If you are a resident of this state, you should consider looking within to find a MSW program that can help you meet your goals.

All over Massachusetts, students may find that there are 9 MSW programs current accepting new students.

All of these programs hold CSWE-accreditation, which is the leading type of accreditation for social work degree programs. Each MSW program available can help you to become more knowledgeable about the techniques and tools available for use in social work positions, as well as the laws and regulations that are common to those that work in it.

Online MSW Programs in Massachusetts

Busy adults currently holding full-time jobs and working around a full family life may find the idea of higher education beyond their reach.

In order to accommodate these needs, universities within the state of Massachusetts may have taken on a slightly different perspective with the MSW programs. This state currently offers students the option of pursuing the MSW completely online.

If you were to engage in a search of available programs within this state, you might find that there are 2 CSWE-accredited online MSW programs in the state. Reliable programs can be found at Simmons College and Boston University.

Boston University can provide students with part-time program for advanced standing students, those with human service experience, and also for traditional learners.

Concentration options at this school include Clinical Social Work and Macro Social Work Practice.

Simmons College is open to students from all over the country and offers full-time and advanced standing options. Specializations at this university may include Clinical Social Work, specialized areas in mental health and substance abuse, Child and Family Welfare, Trauma and Interpersonal Violence, and Health and Aging.

If You Do Not Yet Have a Bachelors: View BSW programs in Massachusetts(includes online).

Massachusetts Social Worker Careers with an MSW Degree

Social Workers in Massachusetts can work in a wide variety of fields and with diverse clients with differing needs. In the guide below, you can learn more about these different specialty areas, as well as the average salaries by metropolitan areas.

  • Child, Family, and School Social Workers: $48,580 median salary per year. Child and Family Social Workers work closely with families with involvement in the child welfare system. Home visits, attending court, and permanency planning are just a few of the many responsibilities of professionals in this line of work. School Social Workers typically work directly in the school system to help develop plans to lessen interference in a child's educational, emotional, and behavioral progress.
  • Healthcare Social Workers: $61,000 median salary per year. Healthcare Social Workers often work in the clinical setting and provide direct assistance to clients with health-related needs. Professionals in this field advocate for their clients and any medical needs that are necessary, as well as provide patient education for different types of medical services, insurance, and treatment options along the way.
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers: $48,960 median salary per year. Mental Health Social Workers can partner with individuals with mental health diagnoses or even substance abuse issues. Organizing and following up on individual and group therapy progress, locating supportive resources, and crisis intervention services are a few of the major responsibilities of Mental Health Social Workers in society today.
  • Social Workers, All Other: $88,770 median salary per year. Alternative Social Work careers in your area can be incredibly diverse. Social Workers can be educators for upcoming professionals in the field or even educators for the community in which they live. Some Social Workers may even work in research fields that were designed to make Social Work a more efficient and effective resource for individuals in need of assistance.

Social Worker Salaries in Massachusetts’s Metropolitan Areas

  • Boston: $86,380 median salary per year
  • Springfield: $93,850 median salary per year
  • Worcester: $86,380 median salary per year

2021 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and employment figures for Child, Family, and School Social Workers; Healthcare Social Workers; Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers; Social Workers, All other, reflect national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed March 2023. 

Massachusetts Social Work Licensure

The Massachusetts Board of Registration of Social Workers is the primary provider of licensure for Social Workers in Massachusetts.

In addition to application requirements, applicants for the Licensed Certified Social Worker distinction must also successfully pass the ASWB certification examination prior to be approved for licensure.

Levels of licensure include: Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, LICSW; Licensed Certified Social Worker, LCSW; Licensed Social Worker, LSW; Licensed Social Work Associate, LSWA.

There are different requirements depending on the level of licensure you intend pursuing. In order to practice independently, or as a self-employed individual, you need to have an LICSW license. If you have a LCSW license, you can provide clinical social work services as an employee of another organization, but there are supervisory requirements.

See the MA FAQs for more information.

More on Social Work Programs in Massachusetts

Salem State University, Boston College, Smith College, and Simmons College are just a few examples of the schools that currently offer these programs. Some of the most popular cities to find MSW programs may also be Salem, Bridgewater, Westfield, and Springfield.

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If you have a desire to work with particular groups within the community, Massachusetts degree programs may also provide specialty degree options at different locations. Specializations may include Clinical Social Work and Child Life and Family Centered Care.

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With many different MSW programs in Massachusetts, there are quite a few options to choose from considering the small land mass of the state. All MSW programs are CSWE accredited – leaving no doubt the Master of Social Work degree pursued at any university or college in Massachusetts will be accredited by the best social work degree accrediting body at the program level.