We found 10 MSW programs in Massachusetts. Licensure for Social Workers in Massachusetts is administered by the Board Of Registration Of Social Workers , and the National Social Workers is run by the NASW Massachusetts Chapter.

MSW Programs in Massachusetts

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Salem State University, Boston College, Smith College, and Simmons College are just a few examples of the schools that currently offer these programs. Some of the most popular cities to find MSW programs may also be Salem, Bridgewater, Westfield, and Springfield.

If you have a desire to work with particular groups within the community, Massachusetts degree programs may also provide specialty degree options at different locations. Specializations may include Clinical Social Work and Child Life and Family Centered Care.

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With many different MSW programs in Massachusetts, there are quite a few options to choose from considering the small land mass of the state. All MSW programs are CSWE accredited – leaving no doubt the Master of Social Work degree pursued at any university or college in Massachusetts will be accredited by the best social work degree accrediting body at the program level.