Washington BSW Programs

Throughout Washington, there are currently 7 accredited BSW options for you to choose from for your undergraduate education experience. There are universities throughout Washington that offer hybrid or campus based experiences for the Bachelor of Social Work, from Seattle to Tacoma and traditional inland college towns like Pullman.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Washington

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Programs Currently Accepting Applicants
Our Lady of the Lake University Online BSW and MSW Our Lady of the Lake University - Online BSW and MSW - CSWE Accredited. Bachelors and Masters programs.
Methodist University Online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Methodist University - Online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) - CSWE accredited program encompassing biology, psychology, and sociology.
Our Lady of the Lake University Online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Our Lady of the Lake University - Online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) - CSWE Accredited. 100% Online. Prepares you for the MSW.
Point University Bachelor of Social Work Point University - Bachelor of Social Work - Online, small class size, and faith based curriculum.

Pursuing a career in social work in the state of Washington can begin with a reputable Bachelor of Social Work degree program.

The Bachelor of Social Work program can introduce you to common social problems and standard social work practice in several different treatment areas. Some students may benefit from engaging in traditional programs offered on campus, while others may prefer the convenience of online BSW programs.

In the online environment, students may have the freedom to complete homework assignments at times that work the best for them. Online courses are also preferred since students can log in to their courses from any location with a computer and internet connection.

Weighing Options for the BSW? Consider Online

As you sort through various BSW programs along your path, you should consider which programs fit your specific needs before enrolling in any program. Innovating online BSW programs can be found at multiple universities across the U.S.

When you begin your search for the perfect BSW program, you may find that each program offered contains a unique curriculum, requires various credit hours for completion, and may have different requirements for degree completion. It can be beneficial to spend some time reviewing each of these specific requirements so that you know what to expect when enrolling into a program.

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BSW Degrees in Washington

Some additional universities that provide BSW programs for incoming learners include:

  • Seattle University
  • Heritage University
  • Eastern Washington University
  • University of Washington

You are encouraged to explore the programs available at these schools prior to deciding on a college to enroll in.

One of the most intriguing aspects of choosing BSW programs in the state of Washington is that there are many programs to choose from throughout the state.

This readily available degree program can train new social work professionals to fill the many open positions in child welfare, healthcare social work, and the mental health setting.

Programs Currently Accepting Applicants

Earn your CSWE accredited online Master of Social Work (MSW) from a university that’s pioneered social work education for every generation in need of it: Our Lady of the Lake University. 100% online, No GRE or GMAT is required for admission, and whether you have a bachelor’s in social work or have a calling to work in this important field, but graduated with a bachelor’s degree in another subject, OLLU’s online Master of Social Work has a track for you.
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CSWE accredited program encompassing biology, psychology, and sociology.
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University of Washington: BA in Social Welfare

The University of Washington's Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare is a CSWE-accredited degree program that can provide you with knowledge relevant to social work practice in a variety of treatment fields. This program can take 4 years to complete for most learners and is offered in full-time format.

The BASW program can be suitable for learners that are intrigued by social work practice and interested in pursuing entry-level positions after graduation or moving forward into MSW or PhD programs after finishing their degree. The curriculum of this program can provide learners with skills related to practice with multiple treatment groups.

As part of the degree requirements, students enrolled in the University of Washington's program may also be required to participate in an internship near the end of their program. The purpose of this internship is to provide students with valuable knowledge and hands-on experience with actual clients in the field.

Sample BSW Courses

The best way to learn more about what to expect in a BSW program is to review the program curriculum. Course descriptions can provide you with valuable insight into the topics covered during each course and the intended outcomes of the program altogether.

  • Cultural Diversity

    Cultural Diversity is a common course to find within BSW programs since it can provide learners with knowledge into the various treatment groups that they can come into contact with during their normal duties. The goal of this course is to expand the knowledge and understanding of students' within different cultures, religious groups, and socioeconomic classes within their treatment area.

  • Behavioral Health

    Another course that can provide a specialized skill set to learners is Integrated Behavioral Health and Healthcare in Social Work. This course seeks to provide students with higher knowledge into therapeutic interventions in mental health, behavioral health, and general healthcare.

Courses like this one can help students increase their skills in assessment, which can be beneficial when finding needed services for clients in the field. This course can also include a treatment planning component for practice with mock scenarios and clients.

In addition to specific treatment sectors, you may also participate in courses that can increase your social work practice skills with various groups within your community. Social Work Practice with Children, Adolescents, Adults, and the Aging Population may be additional courses you are required to take during your program.

Programs Currently Accepting Applicants

Turn your passion into skills and make a positive impact in your community with the CSWE-accredited online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree program from Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU).
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The online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) adult degree completion program at Aurora University is built on a strong liberal arts base that prepares students for beginning social work practice with communities, groups, families and individuals in a variety of settings with diverse populations and problems.
CSWE-accredited social work program.
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With Campbellsville University's fully online Bachelor of Social Work program, you can become a lifeline in your community and help raise up those who are suffering. Learn key skills in crisis intervention for families and individuals impacted by child abuse/neglect and death and bereavement in a Christian learning environment.
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Washington BSW Careers and Salaries

Many new students entering into BSW programs are curious about the types of careers being offered to BSW graduates. The field of social work can expand to many of the most popular career fields in society, including education, healthcare, and social services.

Social workers can find careers working with students in the school system that may have extensive behavioral, emotional, or educational needs. The added support of social workers in this area can provide students with access to additional assessment services, which can lead to better educational outcomes.

A degree in social work in Washington may also lead you to working with clients receiving health services through hospitals or other health providing agencies. This career fields can be popular with social work graduates due to the high demand of the healthcare field.

The pay for social workers in the state of Washington is currently $73,180 on average each year. The amount you make as a social worker in this state can vary depending on the field you choose to work in, the years of experience you have, and the demand for social workers within your specific field.

List of BSW Programs in Washington

Online BSW Programs to Consider


Our Lady of the Lake University

Our Lady of the Lake University

Campbellsville University

Point University

East Central University

CSWE Accredited Washington BSW Programs

CSWE Accredited BSW Programs in Washington

The CSWE (Council on Social Work Education) is the top accrediting board for BSW programs. Below you will find a list of CSWE accredited Bachelor of Social Work programs in Washington. If you already have a BSW or Bachelor's in another area, you may qualify for a MSW program. View the Washington MSW programs page.

All Bachelor of Social Work Programs in Washington

Eastern Washington University

💻 Campus Bachelor of Socal Work (BASW)

Heritage University

💻 Campus Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)

Pacific Lutheran University

💻 Campus Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BSW)

Saint Martin's University

💻 Campus Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Seattle University

💻 Campus Bachelor Social Work (BSW)

University of Washington-Seattle Campus

💻 Campus Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare (BASW)

University of Washington-Tacoma Campus

💻 Campus Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare (BASW)

Walla Walla University

💻 Campus Bachelor of Social Work
College Place

Washington State University

💻 Campus Social Sciences: General Studies Major