Virginia residents that are seeking out BSW programs may find that their state offers 1 online and accredited BSW program and 14 traditional accredited options. Your learning style and personal preferences may lead you into traditional or online learning options depending on your unique needs.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Virginia

Sample BSW Courses

The first and second year of your program can also consist of general education courses that can expand your knowledge, increase your skills in professional writing, and help you brush up on mathematical skills prior to entering the field. Most bachelor’s level programs have general education requirements for students to complete prior to moving into degree-specific courses.

Social Work Practice, Studies, and Community

In the third and fourth year of your program, you may delve deeper into the social work curriculum that includes both social work practice and studies within different practice areas. Courses like Social Work Practice in the Community can give you a widespread view of social programs, social problems, and treatment planning skills in this setting.

Child and Family Social Work, School Social Work

Courses like Child and Family Social Work or School Social Work can allow you to gain skills relevant within these specific practice areas and give you insight into some of the common social problems faced in these areas. Regardless of which specialty you choose to pursue after graduation, having practice in multiple areas can add to your capabilities as a professional working in the community.

While not all BSW programs contain an internship requirement, some programs allow students to participate in them for class credit. During these in-person experience, you may have the option to intern for social work agencies within your community.

These experiences can provide you with observational opportunities to learn from current social workers and in some cases give you hands-on experience working with actual clients in the field. You are encouraged to review your prospective program’s curriculum to learn more about these internships.

BSW Careers and Salaries

The role of the social worker in society can be overall treatment planning, advocacy, or family support. Each client that receives social services may have unique needs, experiences, and struggles for you to address.

Popular career options for social workers in the state of Virginia can be found through the child and family welfare division. Social workers in this practice area may be assigned a caseload of children and be responsible for ensuring they receive adequate health, mental health, educational, and advocacy services.

Where Do Social Workers Work?

Some social workers in this state can work for non-profit organizations that partner with the courts to provide support to individuals and families going through legal proceedings. These agencies may employ you to attend court hearings and assess current provisions for the clients you are assigned.

Other fields that you can consider when seeking out career opportunities can include educational social work and healthcare social work. Since these are some of the largest fields for professionals, pursuing social work positions can provide you with lasting career opportunities working with vulnerable populations.


If you are interested in learning more about the earning capabilities of social work professionals in your state, you might be interested to know that the average salary for social workers in the state of Virginia is currently $69,650 per year. This average was provided by the BLS and includes actual earning figures from current social work professionals employed in Virginia.