New Jersey can be an excellent state to begin your journey in the field of social work. This state currently offers 9 CSWE-accredited traditional BSW programs through reputable universities, each with a curriculum reviewed and approved by the Council on Social Work Education.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in New Jersey

New Jersey BSW Careers and Salaries

Social work professionals may be assigned to work with groups or individuals in society that are in need of services and supports for life improvement. Since needs can be diverse depending on the service area, you may find yourself potentially working in a wide variety of settings throughout your career.

Social Worker Salaries

Social workers in the state of New Jersey can earn $68,630 on average each year. This average salary information was provided by the BLS and is based upon the real wages of actual social workers employed within this state.

When seeking careers in the social work field, you can look to fields like social services, education, healthcare, and criminal justice along the way. Entry-level social workers in these practice areas may conduct assessments on their clients, develop thorough treatment plans, and follow-up to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed.

Where Social Workers Can Be Employed

In some cases, social workers may also meet with their clients anywhere from once a week to once a month to discuss challenges or needs. These face-to-face meetings can make social work practice more personable and allow for connections to be made regularly with clients.

Fields that hire social workers for client advocacy may also require that social workers provide services to groups or families. Part of your training at the educational level may include social work practice with groups, which can be a challenging but fulfilling experience in social work practice.