Kentucky residents prepared for entry into Bachelor of Social Work degree programs may have access to a few online and traditional BSW programs accredited by the CSWE. These programs can provide you with thorough information regarding practical guidelines, ethics, and knowledge for treatment of multiple unique groups in society.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Kentucky

BSW Careers and Salaries

After engaging in a diverse and inclusive BSW program, you can have an incredible skill set for use with different individuals and groups in the field. Your online BSW program can lead you into popular career sectors such as social services, human services, healthcare, education, and mental health.

Mental Health Social Workers may partner with counseling agencies as an additional source of support for their clients. In-home behavioral monitoring services, community integration plans, and treatment plan follow-ups are just a few of the many responsibilities of professionals in this area.

School Social Workers may be hired by school systems to provide direct services to students with identified issues in learning, behavior, or family environment. In this area you can participate in educational planning and work with children and families to obtain services needed for educational success.

Whereven you pursue a career after completing your BSW program, you can be a meaningful and valuable aspect of personal development for your clients. Kentucky social workers have the ability to earn around $58,050 on average each year while working in the field.