All across the state of Maryland, you can find degree programs that are reliable and approved for social work education. In all, there are traditional accredited BSW options and online option for you to choose from along your path.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Maryland

Maryland BSW Careers and Salaries

Once you have completed a BSW program and received licensing, if required by your state, you can pursue a wide range of specialties and career fields with different groups. Some of the most popular career options for social workers may be found at the state level, making this an excellent place to seek out a career.

Case management positions in social services, mental health, and healthcare may be some of the most common entry-level positions for new social work graduates. In this area, you can learn more about general assessments and treatment planning, preparing you for more complex positions in the future.

Specialized career options for social workers can include working as an adoption specialist, family planning representative, or substance abuse social worker. Each of these positions holds an incredibly important part in the overall health of society and could be awesome options for you.

The average rate of pay for social workers in the state of Maryland is currently $67,810 per year. The salary that you earn each year in this field can vary depending on the type of people you serve and the area you currenty reside in.