Ohio currently offers 28 CSWE-accredited traditional BSW programs and 4 accredited online BSW programs for you to choose from during your educational experience.

Ohio Bachelor of Social Work Degrees

Sample BSW Courses

When you enroll in an online BSW program, you may begin your experience with courses like Introduction to Social Work Practice.

  • Social Work Practice: This course can help you learn more about how the field of social work was developed, the various social problems that led to the formation of this field, and an outline of the different treatment groups within society.
  • Advanced Assessment and Interviewing: As you move forward in your program, you may take more advanced courses such as Advanced Assessment and Interviewing. Since a lot of the responsibilities of social workers lies in providing needed services, your skills in assessment and planning should be top notch in order to provide your clients with all of the services that they need.
  • Leadership and Social Change: Many of the courses in your BSW program may be focused on specific areas of treatments and the development of needed techniques. Generalized courses like Leadership and Social Change can also be beneficial for learners as they study more into societal demands, the changing social climate, and the expectations of social service providers throughout the state.

The curriculum of your BSW program may be required to include many diverse topics according to its accreditation standards. From program to program, these courses may be listed under different names, but all are required to contain the same level of information for enrolled learners.

Ohio BSW Careers and Salaries

As you work through your BSW program, you may come to realize that the role of the social worker can include many different specific aspects. Social workers can find careers in the public domain, non-profit agencies, or social services agencies within their community.

In addition to these popular social work settings, social workers can identify specific groups to work with within their titles, such as Child and Family Social Workers, Addiction Social Workers, School Social Workers, or Adult Social Workers.

Each specific treatment professional in the field of social work can contribute significantly to the improvement of lives within the community. Since social workers are responsible for the assessment, treatment, and advocacy of their clients, they can be incredibly valuable professionals for Ohio residents.

If you are interested in becoming a social work professional through involvement in BSW programs, you can expect to earn a salary of $51,490 on average each year. This average salary can change depending on your area of practice, treatment group, and your overall amount of work experience in the field.