The entire state of Pennsylvania offers 36 traditional and 1 online BSW programs for students to choose from. Each program contains a reviewed and approved curriculum that includes both lecture-based learning and in-person field experiences.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania BSW Careers and Salaries

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the field of social work, you can choose from a wide variety of fields to practice in after receiving your degree. Most entry-level careers in the field of social work require a bachelor’s degree at minimum, making this a great degree level to pursue for new learners.

BSW Salary

The average annual salary for social workers in the state of Pennsylvania is $64,260 per year. This average can include salaries from all of the major social work specialty fields and can vary depending on the city you work in and the people that you work with each day.

Some of the most popular fields for social workers in Pennsylvania include child and family social work, medical social work, and school social work. Each of these fields presents their own unique take on social work practice for those employed.

Child and family social work can involve conducting home visits, setting up services, and attending court dates for your clients. You can create close relationships with your clients through individual case management as you work with people through different life milestones.

Medical and school social workers may focus specifically on the goals outlined within their service area. Finding supportive services, including family members in the treatment process, and following up on progress are just a few of the major responsibilities of workers in these areas.