Hawaii offers BSW programs at multiple universities across the state. Popular cities for social work students include Honolulu and Kaneohe, which are homes to Hawaii Pacific University and the University of Hawaii.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Hawaii

Most Popular BSW Accredited Program

Residents of the state of Hawaii most often choose the University of Hawaii in Honolulu as their primary target for enrollment. This university has long been the school of choice for students pursue varying degree fields and offers CSWE-accredited BSW programs for you to choose from.

The University of Hawaii’s BSW program includes a degree curriculum that offers insight into the history and development of the social work field, as well as thorough information regarding treatment of individuals in varying cultures found in Hawaii and beyond. Students enrolled in this program can be provided with an unbiased look at client values, social systems, and common treatment methods for people in need.

This program typically takes around 4 years to complete for learners enrolled at a full-time rate. In some cases, students can complete this program quicker by taking more classes each semester and completing all practicum requirements along the way.

If you live in Hawaii and are seeking a career field focused on helping people in need, the BSW program could be a great option to pursue. The University of Hawaii has multiple start dates per year for you to enroll.

BSW Careers and Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that social workers in the state of Hawaii can earn around $81,520 per year on average. This salary data includes social workers in multiple fields and social workers that provide varying services to those in need.

Graduates of BSW programs that are new to the field of social work often take on careers in social services or mental health as their entry-level options. These careers are usually focused on providing case management services to their clients and advocating for the needs of vulnerable populations.

In some cases, graduates may also work for positions in hospitals or treatment centers housing medically-fragile patients or those seeking long-term rehabilitative care. The role of the social workers in these settings may be to arrange for specialized services, establish treatment programs, or even develop transition plans for their clients as they plan their release from these facilities.

Social workers can often be the bridge of information and knowledge between a client and the services being received. If you are intrigued by careers that offer comfort, support, and guidance for individuals in need, the BSW program can be your first step to pursuing a position in this field.