Utah is currently home to 4 CSWE-accredited traditional BSW programs and 1 CSWE-accredited online BSW program. Students within this state that are seeking the opportunity to pursue higher learning in this field are encouraged to explore each program in order to find the one that best suits their career goals.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Utah

BSW Programs in this State

On your search for a fitting program, you might notice that universities such as Weber State University and Utah Valley University are local options to consider for your BSW program. Each of these universities has achieved accreditation for their BSW options and can provide you with a relevant and socially valid curriculum. Here are some universities with a CSWE accredited BSW Program in Utah:

  • University of Utah
  • Utah State University
  • Utah Valley University
  • Weber State University

You might consider learning about available online BSW programs.

Already have your BSW? Check out MSW programs in Utah (includes online).

Why Consider a BSW Degree?

BSW programs in Utah may be open to residents all over the state, regardless of the distance from campuses. Major cities for BSW programs include Orem, Ogden, Logan, and Salt Lake City. Student pursuing the traditional path may find it beneficial to seek out programs within a close proximity to their place of residence.

The generalized curriculum provided through online and traditional BSW programs can help you leave your career options open as you enter the field. The skill development opportunities in this program can help you gain the experience you need to pursue career in a multitude of specialized areas after graduation.

BSW Degrees and Coursework

You are encouraged to explore the BSW program in-depth prior to choosing any program. Social work is an incredibly diverse field that might be nearly impossible to describe totally through a quick internet search. One of the best ways to learn more about what a degree program is all about is through a review of the curriculum.

The BSW program often begins with a delve into general education courses including Sociology, Mathematics, and Humanities courses. This entry-level information can provide you with a great foundation of generalized knowledge for use in social work fields in the future.

Later in your program, you can take advantage of learning in more advanced courses like Trauma Practice in Social Work, Social Policy, and Social Work Research Methods. Each of these courses can allow you to explore concepts related to actual hands-on practice, the historical development of the field, and skills related to professional research for making advanced changes to the field.

Your program can also include courses that focus on direct practice at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. This can help you prepare for careers that focus on change programs for small populations of clients, community services, or even social work at the government level.

You can also expect most programs to include some in-person field requirements towards the end of the program. These practicum or internship requirements can be excellent opportunities to visualize actual social work practice by current social work professionals in the field.

Popular CSWE Accredited BSW Program

One major advantage that Utah residents considering the BSW program currently have access to is the availability of a completely online BSW program. The University of Utah currently provides both a traditional and online BSW option, making it an incredibly popular program for incoming students throughout the state.

The online BSW program can be available in both full-time and part-time formats, which can allow students with varying personal needs to consider enrollment. During this online program, students will not be expected to partake in any on-campus experiences, making this a 100% online BSW option.

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While this program is unique already due to its online status, you might be intrigued to know that this program offers a Child Welfare Title IV-E specialization option for interested learners. If you are interested in working with children and families in the field, you can consider this option for your online program.

The decision to pursue a BSW program in itself shows your dedication to helping others and your willingness to go the extra mile to provide meaningful services to those in need. Our team encourages you to choose a degree program that provides you with an in-depth learning experience that encourages your professional growth throughout.

BSW Careers and Salary

As you review the different BSW options available in your state, you may already have a good idea as to which type of career path you would like to pursue in the future. A lot fo incoming learners are intrigued by the widespread and diverse career opportunities that may be available to them after completing this degree program.

Social work professionals can find careers working in rehabilitation facilities, long-term psychiatric hospitals, social service agencies, or even for probation offices. In some locations, social workers can even provide specialized behavior services to families in need of guidance.

Standard social work careers for children and families, the aging population, and specialized needs groups can also be obtained through acquisition of the BSW degree. Your career dreams and aspiration should be your guiding force for choosing a career once you have graduated from this program.

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The BLS reports that social workers in the state of Utah can earn $54,320 on average per year while working in this field. The amount you earn can vary depending on the type of population that you serve, how many years you have worked in the field, and the city in which you are employed. 

2021 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and employment figures for Social Workers, All other, reflect national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed March 2023.