Residents of the state of Oregon can participate in one of 6 accredited BSW options across the state. If you are one of the many individuals considering a Bachelor's in Social Work for your educational experience, you should prioritize CSWE-accredited BSW programs during your search.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Oregon

BSW Careers and Salaries

When you are thinking about the field of social work, you may have different views on what this career field looks like for new entrants. The social work field can be vast in that it can include majors fields like healthcare, education, and social services.

Many of the most popular careers in this field are at the case management level, which can include holding a case load of clients with responsibilities such as home visits, advocacy, and assessment for services. Common job titles in this field include Youth Social Worker, Corrections Social Worker, and School Social Worker.

While each of these career options can put you in touch with unique populations, you end goal of helping others can remain constant regardless of the groups you work with along the way. Social workers that assist clients in healthcare and rehabilitation settings may also be employed directly by these agencies to provide daily services to people in need.

As a social worker in Oregon, you can potentially enjoy a salary of $52,750 per year on average. This average is based upon actual social work professionals currently working in different specialized areas throughout the state of Oregon.