Colorado currently provides multiple options for learners interested in pursuing the Bachelor of Social Work degree program. All over this state, there is 1 online and 4 traditional accredited BSW programs open for students to enroll in.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Colorado

BSW Careers and Salaries

One of the most unique factors about choosing the BSW for your degree program in Colorado is that it can provide you with a diverse skill set that can be applied in multiple settings. Social workers in this state can pursue careers in some of the most preferred career fields with individuals in different age groups.

Many social workers in Colorado pursue careers in social work positions at the state level. This can include working for offices of human services, children’s services, or adult protective services. Within these areas, your goal may be to provide services, ensure the welfare of your clients, and advocate for their needs in a legal setting.

Social workers in Colorado can also work in fields such as education and healthcare. Working in these environments can include reviewing client need, participating in treatment or educational meetings, and following up to ensure that services are being provided as needed.

If you choose to be a social worker in the state of Colorado, you can potentially earn around $54,600 on average per year. This average salary data was provided by the BLS and represents actual social work salaries in this state.