Colorado BSW Programs

Colorado currently provides multiple options for learners interested in pursuing the Bachelor of Social Work degree program. All over this state, there is 1 online and 4 traditional accredited BSW programs open for students to enroll in.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Colorado

Consider Featured Online Social Work Programs

Programs Currently Accepting Applicants
Our Lady of the Lake University Online BSW and MSW Our Lady of the Lake University - Online BSW and MSW - CSWE Accredited. Bachelors and Masters programs.
Methodist University Online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Methodist University - Online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) - CSWE accredited program encompassing biology, psychology, and sociology.
Our Lady of the Lake University Online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Our Lady of the Lake University - Online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) - CSWE Accredited. 100% Online. Prepares you for the MSW.
Point University Bachelor of Social Work Point University - Bachelor of Social Work - Online, small class size, and faith based curriculum.

The Bachelor of Social Work degree program can provide you with insight into how the social welfare system functions, the history of the social work field, and the many different levels of service that you can pursue as a professional in this field. This degree program can also allow you to explore the various practical skills required for working in these diverse fields. Some colleges in Colorado with a BSW degree include:

  • Colorado State University-Fort Collins
  • Colorado State University-Pueblo
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver (on campus and online BSW program)

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Online BSW Programs

In today's educational environment, many students are leaning towards online degree programs as their method for career advancement. Online BSW programs may offer the same level of quality and inclusion as traditional options, all while providing ease of access and flexibility during the learning experience.

If you are the type of person that needs a balance between education and your career, online BSW programs may be the right option for you to look into. Check out our guide below to learn more about BSW programs and where they can lead you once you are in the field.

Already have your BSW? Check out MSW programs in Colorado (includes online).

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BSW Degrees

Pursuing a degree in social work throughout the state of Colorado can be a great experience that leads to high-quality training and expertise within a wide range of practical skills. This state offers many different university options for you to choose from for your BSW option, which all programs having unique aspects that set them apart from others.

Alternative universities that you can review for your BSW programs are Colorado State University and Colorado Mesa University. Both of these schools offer CSWE-accredited BSW programs that can help you meet the minimum standard for licensing within your state.

Programs Currently Accepting Applicants

Earn your CSWE accredited online Master of Social Work (MSW) from a university that’s pioneered social work education for every generation in need of it: Our Lady of the Lake University. 100% online, No GRE or GMAT is required for admission, and whether you have a bachelor’s in social work or have a calling to work in this important field, but graduated with a bachelor’s degree in another subject, OLLU’s online Master of Social Work has a track for you.
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CSWE accredited program encompassing biology, psychology, and sociology.
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When you enroll in a BSW program, you may be quickly introduced to some introductory courses related to the development of the social work field and general social work practice. These courses can help prepare you for a more in-depth learning experience surrounding specific groups in your community.

Courses like Death and Dying in Social Work can introduce you to different cultural viewpoints on death, as well as the unique funeral and burial practices of different groups within your community. Expanding your knowledge of these different beliefs and practices can help you to provide valid services to groups being served.

Social Research is a class that can help you practice your skills in research, which can be a beneficial skill when preparing for work at the state or government level. This course may require that you choose a social problem, develop a research study, and gather data to present as your final project.

Discrimination and Oppression is another course that you may find commonly in BSW programs. The goal of social work is to provide equal access to all people without any group being privileged to services that others are not.

The combination of these courses can provide learners with a well-rounded understanding of the field of social work, as well as allow them to explore the ethical practice of social work within their fields. After completing all course work required for your degree, you can potentially work with all kinds of diverse treatment groups within your community.

Popular Accredited BSW Program

Searching for the best BSW program in your state can be relative to your individual needs. There are many different programs that offer unique learning experiences and flexible hours for you to choose from throughout this state.

Many students seeking convenience with their educational experiences in Colorado often choose the Metropolitan State University of Denver's online BSW program. This fully online program currently holds CSWE accreditation and can be a great option for upcoming social work professionals in the field.

MSU Denver's online BSW option consists of 120 credit hours of general education and social work-focused courses. Courses within this program are also offered in both asynchronous and synchronous formats.

The fully online aspect of this degree program means that students enrolled may not be required to engage in any in-person experiences throughout the duration of the program. From enrollment to graduation, you can enjoy the benefits of a completely virtual program.

Programs Currently Accepting Applicants

Turn your passion into skills and make a positive impact in your community with the CSWE-accredited online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree program from Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU).
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The online Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) adult degree completion program at Aurora University is built on a strong liberal arts base that prepares students for beginning social work practice with communities, groups, families and individuals in a variety of settings with diverse populations and problems.
CSWE-accredited social work program.
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With Campbellsville University's fully online Bachelor of Social Work program, you can become a lifeline in your community and help raise up those who are suffering. Learn key skills in crisis intervention for families and individuals impacted by child abuse/neglect and death and bereavement in a Christian learning environment.
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BSW Careers and Salaries

One of the most unique factors about choosing the BSW for your degree program in Colorado is that it can provide you with a diverse skill set that can be applied in multiple settings. Social workers in this state can pursue careers in some of the most preferred career fields with individuals in different age groups.

Many social workers in Colorado pursue careers in social work positions at the state level. This can include working for offices of human services, children’s services, or adult protective services. Within these areas, your goal may be to provide services, ensure the welfare of your clients, and advocate for their needs in a legal setting.

Social workers in Colorado can also work in fields such as education and healthcare. Working in these environments can include reviewing client need, participating in treatment or educational meetings, and following up to ensure that services are being provided as needed.

If you choose to be a social worker in the state of Colorado, you can potentially earn around $54,600 on average per year. This average salary data was provided by the BLS and represents actual social work salaries in this state.

List of BSW Programs in Colorado

Online BSW Programs to Consider


Our Lady of the Lake University

Our Lady of the Lake University

Campbellsville University

Point University

East Central University

CSWE Accredited Colorado BSW Programs

CSWE Accredited BSW Programs in Colorado

The CSWE (Council on Social Work Education) is the top accrediting board for BSW programs. Below you will find a list of CSWE accredited Bachelor of Social Work programs in Colorado. If you already have a BSW or Bachelor's in another area, you may qualify for a MSW program. View the Colorado MSW programs page.

All Bachelor of Social Work Programs in Colorado

Colorado State University-Fort Collins

💻 Campus B.S.W. Program
Fort Collins

Colorado State University-Pueblo

💻 Campus Bachelor in Social Work (BSW)

Metropolitan State University of Denver (CO)

💻 Online Bachelor of Science in Social Work
Mix of asynchronous and synchronous online delivery format.
Online BSW
CSWE Accredited

Metropolitan State University of Denver

💻 Campus Social Work Major, B.S.