Lousiana residents searching for degree programs that can put them in touch with people in need should review Bachelor of Social Work programs throughout this state. Lousiana is a current provider of online and traditional BSW programs for incoming learners to enroll in.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Louisiana

Popular Accredited BSW Program

Learners in Louisiana currently have access to online BSW programs for their learning experience. One of the most popular programs for you to review is Northwestern State University’s online BSW program, which currently holds accreditation through the CSWE.

The online BSW at this university seeks to provide you with an optimum learning experience through the online classroom. Courses in this program include virtual discussions, live and online lectures, and in-course resources for your research projects.

Many students prefer pursuing online programs like this one due to their current work schedules or their inability to attend on-campus courses several days per week. The innovation of online BSW programs is what may attract learners like yourself to these incredible and reliable degree programs.

One of the major benefits of choosing a program like the one offered through Northwestern State University is that it can lead to the same careers and experience opportunities as traditional BSW programs. Before you make a decision on which program to enroll in, you should make sure that the program meets your attendance standards as a busy learner.

BSW Careers and Salaries

If you are considering enrollment into a BSW program, you might be interested to learn about the average salaries for professionals in your field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states an average rate of pay for social workers in Louisiana to be $57,380 per year.

The average for this state may include common career options like Child and Family Social Work, Healthcare Social Work, and School Social Work. These are all options that you can consider when ready to pursue a career in the field, since all may require a BSW as part of their job requirements.

Social workers in this state can also work for rehabilitation agencies and substance abuse centers working with people in need. Part of your role in these settings may be treatment planning, service provision, and regular follow-ups with your clients.

Completing the BSW can be an exhilarating experience for motivated learners. Your dedication to completing your program can help you qualify for many life-changing positions all throughout your state or even prepare you for higher learning in online MSW programs in the future.