Incoming social work professionals in the state of Delaware should begin their journey with a CSWE-accredited degree at the bachelors level. There are currently BSW options available to residents throughout this state that currently holds the right type of accreditation for future licensing in this field.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Delaware

BSW Careers and Salary

Graduates of the BSW program can either immediately seek out entry-level careers in the field or use their degree to move on to masters-level programs in their chosen field. If you are considering a move into the social work field, you can look for careers in many different treatment areas.

BSW holders may qualify for careers as case management professionals in social services or human services, family advocates in the court system, or even mental health assistants. In some areas, BSW holders may be the applicants of choice for specialized careers in residential treatment facilities or rehabilitation centers.

Some career options for social work graduates can also be found in schools and hospitals, providing advocacy and guidance to children and adults in need of support. Each of these career fields can allow you to work with individuals with great needs for support.

While working as a social worker in the state of Delaware, professionals can earn $63,630 per year on average. The amount you earn per year can vary depending on the type of field you work in and the demand for workers in your specific treatment area.