Residents of the state of South Carolina ready for participation in reliable social work degree programs can choose from 7 accredited BSW options from all over the state. Choosing an accredited BSW option can provide learners with confidence in their learning program and a degree that can possible lead to licensure in their state.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in South Carolina

BSW Careers and Salaries

The hard work that goes into completing a BSW program can lead to many fulfilling and satisfying career options in the social field. Many graduates from the BSW program in South Carolina pursue career options at the case management level within their communities.

Career options like Substance Abuse Social Worker, Rehabilitation Social Worker, and Mental Health Social Worker, can be excellent options for you to consider when you are ready to enter the field. The services provided by these professionals can include conducting needs assessments, establishing treatment plans, and finding support services according to individual need.

If you are curious about the average rate of pay for social workers in South Carolina, you might be pleased to learn that most social workers earn around $45,610 annually on average. This average is based on actual earnings from social work professionals currently working in the state.

Students pursuing BSW programs can go on to be influential and incredibly important social professionals in the field after graduation. If you are the type of person that has the desire to help others through problem-solving, critical thinking, and compassion, this degree program could be the best choice for you.