West Virginia has 7 CSWE-accredited BSW programs at varying locations across the state for you to consider. In order to pursue social work careers in the state of West Virginia, you may need to pursue a Bachelor of Social Work degree program within your state.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in West Virginia

Popular CSWE Accredited BSW Program

The University of West Virginia may be one of the most popular BSW providers throughout this entire state. Students often choose this program due to its long-term reliability, prior student testimony, and dedication to high-quality educational programs.

The BSW offered through UWV consists of a curriculum that includes both standard social work components and the option to pursue specialized classes like Ethic Studies, Gender Studies, and Diverse Cultural Studies. These learning opportunities can help to expand your knowledge of the population that you plan to serve during your career.

This program may also include a practicum component that allows you to visualize and practice social work skills in a real-world setting. This part of your program may be broken up into semesters and can take place at local social service agencies in your area.

The combination of both in-depth classroom learning and field experience can provide you with an all-inclusive learning experience for your maximum benefit. As you sort through degree programs available in your state, you should choose one that fits all of your desired criteria to best plan for your future.

BSW Careers and Salary

Many BSW graduates enter the field knowing exactly what type of career they would like to pursue, while others are open to varying fields working with different types of people or groups in need. One of the many advantages to choosing the BSW is that it can provide you with the opportunity to choose either direction upon entering the field.

Social workers in West Virginia can work with children, adolescents, adults, and even aging adults. Some social work positions can let you work entirely with individuals facing complex social issues, individuals managing disorders or disabilities, or even with groups of new social workers learning the ropes in the practice field.

Common career titles for new social work professionals at the bachelor’s level include Case Worker, Support Specialist, Program Specialist, and even Resource Coordinator. Your role in different positions can include assessing overall need, identifying needed services, and establishing a treatment plan that leads to positive results.

The BLS reports that social workers currently employed in West Virginia can earn $65,510 on average each year. The amount of money you make per year in this field can depend on the demand for social work professionals in your specialized area, the location of your employment, and your overall experience as a social worker in the field.