We found 3 Master of Social Work programs in West Virginia. Licensure for Social Workers in West Virginia is administered by the Board Of Social Work Examiners , and the National Social Workers is run by the NASW West Virginia Chapter.

MSW Programs in West Virginia

Online MSW Programs in West Virginia

There may be many different reasons for students to seek out flexible options for their college degree. Some students choose to pursue online MSW programs in an attempt to balance their daily work schedule with their desire to achieve more in their professional lives. If you are like many others in the state of West Virginia, you might be interested in learning how an online MSW can benefit you on your journey to better career opportunities.

Online MSW programs are subject to the same type of review and accreditation as traditional programs. Since a lot of these programs utilize the same instructors as traditional degree options, students can gain the same information regardless of which platform is used.

Consider a MSW Specialty Track

Online MSW programs can also allow students to choose specialization options with their general MSW degree. Specializations were added in an effort to help students focus their research on particular subjects or groups, so that they can make a bigger difference in society. Child, Youth, and Family Social work is one of the most popular concentration options for the MSW degree program.

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However, students can choose from other options such as Clinical Social Work or School Social Work in their program. The online setting can be a great place for students to learn time management skills, self-discipline, and organizational skills that can benefit them throughout their career.