Residents of the state of Arkansas currently have access to multiple BSW programs suitable for varying career paths. This state currently offers traditional learning BSW options and CSWE-accredited online BSW programs for you to choose from.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Arkansas

Most Popular BSW Accredited Program

Students that are reviewing well-known and popular BSW programs within Arkansas may be perplexed as to which program to choose. A large number of new students to social work programs in this state choose schools like the University of Arkansas at Little Rock for their degree experience.

This university is unique in that it offers the only online and CSWE-accredited BSW program in the state. Learners that hold full-time jobs or have busy personal lives may prefer to engage in online learning to help maintain their current way of life and family schedule.

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock also offers a popular traditional learning option for those learners that desire the on-campus experience for their degree. Both options may be taught by the same professors and provide you with the same level of quality regardless of your choice.

BSW Careers and Salary

The completion of a Bachelor of Social Work degree program can leave you feeling accomplished and fulfilled as you enter into the field. Many bachelors-level graduates seek out entry-level positions in popular fields like social services, education, and health care to begin their career experience.

Educational social workers may work with students and their families in public or private school systems. Part of your role in this career area may be to assess behavioral, emotional, or educational interferences for your clients, as well as to implement programs for overall improvement.

Healthcare social work can include responsibilities such as assisting clients with obtaining transitional health services, advocating for clients in need of certain medical procedures, and even assisting individuals with navigating complicated insurance allowances and issues.

If you choose to pursue a BSW program in Arkansas, you can potentially earn around $49,730 per year while working in the field. Your earning can vary depending on the type of field you choose to work in, the clients you serve, and the amount of experience you gain over time.