We found 2 MSW programs in Arkansas (one BSW). Licensure for Social Workers in Arkansas is administered by the Social Work Licensing Board, and the National Social Workers is run by the NASW Arkansas Chapter.

MSW Programs in Arkansas

There are just a few schools in Arkansas with on-campus Master of Social Work programs. You may consider an online MSW program or check out a nearby state if you are looking to study on campus.

More on MSW Programs in Arkansas

Arkansas provides a great support for educational programs designed to help upcoming professionals become more knowledgeable about their fields – especially in the field of social work. If you might be interested in learning about what your state has to offer in terms of degree programs, you have stopped at the right place.

If you were to conduct an internet search of available MSW programs, you might find that there are numerous colleges that claim to have degree programs to fit your needs. The truth is – accreditation is the only true way of determining whether or not your degree program can meet the licensing standard of your state.

The Social Work Licensing Board in Arkansas may be your most trusted source for determining what type of degree and how much supervised experience you might need to become licensed in the future. Reviewing what this board requires can be helpful during your journey to better career options.

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