Residents of Michigan currently have access to traditional and CSWE-accredited BSW programs and accredited online BSW options. Personal preferences can guide you into particular degree programs that offer in-person learning opportunities or the convenience of online learning flexibility.

Michigan Bachelor of Social Work Degrees

Course Specific Classes

Alternative courses like Advanced Child Welfare can allow learners to delve specifically into specific practice areas in order to sharpen their skills within these fields. The goal of these courses is to provide students with a generalized knowledge of social work practice for later careers in diverse fields.

Some BSW programs may also allow students to participate in supervised field experiences or internships in lieu of final projects. When students choose internship options, they can work in social services agencies under trained professional social workers to gain valuable experience in the field.

Each BSW program currently offered in Michigan may have varying expectations of learners currently enrolled. As an incoming student, you are encouraged to learn more about what these programs have to offer so that you can choose a degree program that is best for your needs.

BSW Careers and Salaries

With an average median salary of $60,120 per year, social workers in the state of Michigan can provide vital services to organizations and individuals. If you have spent some time researching this career field, you may already be aware of how influential they can be for diverse groups within society.

Social workers can find careers in many settings, including those that provide services for specific groups within your community. One example of a social work field can be found in juvenile justice, which can include working with youth offenders during treatment and rehabilitation services.

Social workers may also be assigned to adult offenders as they work through incarceration and later probation. A social worker’s role can include assessing client need and obtaining needed support services to implement for a higher rate of long-term success.

Mental health fields can also call upon social workers to provide services to clients in their domain. As a case manage in this area of expertise, you may organize therapy appointments, medication management appointments, and conduct home visits to ensure safety and continuity of care.