Indiana residents interested in providing services to their community through social work careers can begin training through BSW programs throughout this state. If you are on the hunt for a CSWE-accredited BSW program, you can choose from online BSW programs and traditional options for your degree.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Indiana

BSW programs can provide you with in-depth information on the treatment of individuals through a vast array of support services, as well as insight into the environmental and emotional influences on individual behavior. Here are a few universities in Indiana that have a BSW degree:

  • Ball State University
  • Huntington University (online BSW option)
  • Indiana State University
  • Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis
  • Indiana Wesleyan University (online BSW option)
  • University of Indianapolis
  • Valparaiso University

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Consider an Online BSW Program

Technology plays a role in the convenience of modern-day BSW programs, with many offering online learning opportunities to students in need of flexibility with their learning. Online BSW programs can provide you with a valuable platform for participation from your very own home.

If you are like many others throughout the U.S. seeking better employment opportunities and better paying positions, our team encourages you to explore your options in online higher education. Read more in our guide below to learn more about online BSW programs and where they can lead you.

Indiana BSW Degrees

Indiana currently offers alternative online and traditional CSWE-accredited BSW options for you to choose from. Huntington University's online BSW can be another reputable option for you to choose from in the online environment, as it offers high-quality programs to learners from all over the state.

BSW learning in the online environment can require you to maximize your self-discipline since it provides a lot of freedom to enrolled learners. You can take advantage of flexible participation hours, the opportunity to learn at your own pace, and preset due dates for your convenience.

BSW Coursework

The courses that are required for your BSW program may be part of a required set of topics needed for CSWE accreditation. While each accredited program meets the standards for its curriculum, you may notice that each program has different titles for their courses.

Topics focusing on Social Work Practice with Children and Adolescents can allow you to spotlight the specific needs of these groups in order to accurately provide treatment programs. Courses focusing on practice with adults and the aging population may also be popular in some programs.

Diversity in Social Work is another popular course for BSW programs. In order to be an effective social work professional in a variety of professional fields, you should have knowledge of different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences prior to providing advocacy for these groups in the public setting.

Social Work Policy is another required topic for accredited BSW degree options. This course can allow you to explore the history and formation of the social work field, as well as provide you with knowledge on the different policies and regulations associated with practice in this area.

The combination of courses required for the BSW can help you prepare for entry-level careers working in many popular service fields in your area. You are encouraged to review the curriculum of your intended program prior to making a final choice for enrollment.

Popular Accredited BSW Program

The first time that you search for BSW programs on your own, you may see a huge number of programs being offered in your area. It can be overwhelming when trying to choose which program would be the best fit for you.

Many students in Indiana choose to pursue Indiana Wesleyan University's online BSW for their learning experience. This university offers an online learning experience that includes convenient virtual learning opportunities alongside on-site internships for maximizing your experience before graduation.

The majority of this BSW program is offered to students in the online environment. During this part of your learning, you can participate in online discussions, independent research assignments, and testing to help sharpen your skills in client assessments and treatment planning.

Towards the end of your program at Indiana Wesleyan University, you may be required to identify a field placement for your internship requirement. Most students choose social service agencies within their local area to maximize the convenience of this aspect of the degree program.

Indiana BSW Careers and Salaries

The pursuit of a BSW program can help you gain skills relevant to helping diverse groups with obtaining the services and supports they need to live happy and healthy lives. Once you graduate from your program, you can seek out careers in many different treatment areas in your area.

Some graduates pursue careers as medical social workers at hospitals and health insurance agencies in their state. In this career, you can act as an assistant to your clients with finding supportive services, moderating insurance communication, and working with families to obtain appropriate treatments.

School social work professionals may work in school settings and provide individualized services to students with extensive behavioral or developmental needs. Social workers in this setting may participate in education plan meetings and conduct home visits for added support.

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There are many other settings that you can explore for your career, including those in social services and mental health. A degree in social work can be an incredibly versatile tool for you as you enter the career field.

Most social workers in Indiana can earn around $70,000 per year on average. The amount you make in this field can vary depending on the city you work in and the amount of time you have worked in the field overall.

2021 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and employment figures for Social Workers, All other, reflect national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed March 2023.