There are currently 5 available BSW options in Oklahoma that hold accreditation from the CSWE. These reliable degree options can help you gain extensive knowledge in social work practice with multiple groups including people within various age groups, populations with diverse emotional and behavioral options, and individuals in need of advocacy for needed services.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Oklahoma

BSW Careers and Salaries

Embarking on a career in social work can be an amazing and fulfilling feeling for graduates of social work degree programs. As you finish up the learning experience and begin seeking out career options, you may have diverse fields to choose from along the way.

Common career titles for social work professionals in Oklahoma can include Medical Social Worker, Court Advocacy Specialist, Child Protective Services Agent, or Client Support Specialist. Each of these career options can be found in popular fields such as criminal justice, legal and court systems, state and government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Becoming a social worker in Oklahoma can mean working with vulnerable groups such as children, people with diverse disabilities, and the aging population. Many social work professionals may find incredible satisfaction in the careers knowing that they help individuals with the highest needs.

If you are prepared to pursue a BSW program for a career in social work, you can possible earn around $59,250 per year based on current social work salary averages. Factors such as your geographical area and experience can influence your rate of pay within this state.