There are currently 5 available BSW options in Oklahoma that hold accreditation from the CSWE. These reliable degree options can help you gain extensive knowledge in social work practice with multiple groups including people within various age groups, populations with diverse emotional and behavioral options, and individuals in need of advocacy for needed services.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma can be an excellent state for incoming learners in the field of social work. This state currently offers diverse career opportunities for those that pursue a degree in this field and can be a great provider of reputable and reliable Bachelor of Social Work degree programs. Here are some universities in Oklahoma that have BSW Programs:

  • East Central University
  • Northeastern State University
  • Northwestern Oklahoma State University
  • Oklahoma Baptist University
  • Oral Roberts University
  • Southwestern Oklahoma State University
  • University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus

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Online BSW Programs

In the wake of the technology boom in the United States, more and more universities throughout the country may be offering online BSW options to incoming collegiate learners. You can take advantage of online BSW programs to help you gain the education and experience you need without working around a daily on-campus schedule.

If you are one of the many prospective learners in the state of Oklahoma considering the BSW program either in the traditional environment or online, you can gain more information about these programs in our guide below. The goal of our research is to provide you with relevant information about this degree program for your decision making process.

About the BSW

The Bachelor of Social Work program in Oklahoma was designed to create experienced and high knowledgeable incoming professionals. Universities that are currently providing accredited BSW programs include Oral Roberts University, Northeastern State University, Northwestern Oklahoma State University and East Central University.

If you were to explore these programs during your review of reputable universities, you might find that each program consists of around 1-2 years of general education courses and a profound focus on social work practice in the later years of the program. If you have a preference for online BSW programs, you may see similar qualities in both the traditional and online environments.

Online BSW programs can provide you with an unbelievable amount of flexibility during your learning experience. A large number of students pursuing online BSW degrees choose to review weekly requirements and complete assignments in the evening after a long day's work or over the weekends on off days.

BSW Degrees and Coursework

Some of the topics discussed in the online BSW program can be directly focused on your work with individuals in the field. Courses like Social Work Practice with Individuals can provide you with firsthand knowledge of individual assessments, emotional and behavioral development, and environment influence on personal well-being.

Courses like Social Work with Groups can help expand your understanding of program development that influences the health of multiple people, as well as allow you to explore concepts related to community social planning during the learning experience. Many social work courses can fall into micro and macro social work practice.

Social work degree programs can also include courses that provide direct insight into particular services areas like Social Work and Mental Health Awareness, Rehabilitation Social Work, and School Social Work. Learning to apply skills within these different professional areas could possible provide you with the versatile skills you need to pursue careers in diverse fields when entering the career environment.

The courses included within your degree program may sometimes be complemented by internship requirements during your program. Some schools may require in-person experiences, while others may allow learners to conduct individual research projects in lieu of this expectation.

Popular Accredited BSW Program in Oklahoma

Students may often seek out popular universities to review initially for their upcoming BSW experience. Popular BSW programs often come with raving reviews and testimonies from current and past learners, which can provide incoming learners with confidence in their future program.

The University of Oklahoma's BSW program is likely one of the most well-known and popular options for BSW learners in this state. This 4 year program consists of learning in general education, social work history and development, and social work practice.

This program may also require you to participate in field experiences that can allow you to come in contact with service populations in the public. These experiences can help you connect the curriculum to the real-world service environment for an optimum learning experience.

Before you make any decisions about which program to enroll in, our team highly encourages you to explore multiple programs currently available throughout Oklahoma to ensure that you are choosing the best program based on your needs. There are many programs in this state that offer high quality and accredited BSW programs.

BSW Careers and Salaries

Embarking on a career in social work can be an amazing and fulfilling feeling for graduates of social work degree programs. As you finish up the learning experience and begin seeking out career options, you may have diverse fields to choose from along the way.

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Common career titles for social work professionals in Oklahoma can include Medical Social Worker, Court Advocacy Specialist, Child Protective Services Agent, or Client Support Specialist. Each of these career options can be found in popular fields such as criminal justice, legal and court systems, state and government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Becoming a social worker in Oklahoma can mean working with vulnerable groups such as children, people with diverse disabilities, and the aging population. Many social work professionals may find incredible satisfaction in the careers knowing that they help individuals with the highest needs.

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If you are prepared to pursue a BSW program for a career in social work, you can possible earn around $62,040 per year based on current social work salary averages. Factors such as your geographical area and experience can influence your rate of pay within this state.

2021 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and employment figures for Social Workers, All other, reflect national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed March 2023.