The state of New Hampshire currently offers 2 popular BSW programs for residents to consider for their education. Each of these programs can provide you with a generalistic exploration of social work concepts, ethics, and practical skills that can prepare you for working with any client in need while in the field.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in New Hampshire

Popular CSWE Accredited BSW Program

The University of New Hampshire, located in the popular city of Durham, is currently one of the most well-known and exceptional universities within the state of New Hampshire. The BSW program offered by this school can provide you with a unique degree experience to help prepare you for entry into the social work field.

One of the most unique factors about this particular BSW program is that it has multiple in-person experience components for learners to participate in prior to graduation. Students are required to complete a 40-hour volunteer program through a local social service agency as well as a 450-hour internship.

The combination of these experience components alongside the dense curriculum can allow you to connect the concepts learned throughout the program to actual practice in the field. Partnership with actual social work professionals in the field can provide you with the opportunity to gain valuable feedback from experienced social workers.

The BSW offered by the University of New Hampshire currently holds accreditation with the CSWE. This program has held consistent accreditation since 1996 and can be an extremely reliable choice for you to pursue along your journey.

New Hampshire BSW Careers and Salary

The BSW program can help to prepare you for working in multiple fields within your local community. Some of the most popular social work positions for entry-level professionals may be those in general case management, mental health assistance, or even within in-home behavioral support.

Other unique career options for incoming social workers can include vocational support, juvenile court liaison, and even life skills training. Your skills in assessment and treatment can make you an incredibly valuable partner in multiple career fields throughout the U.S.

The role of the social worker within larger treatment teams can be advocate, action taker, and even problem solver. Your extensive understanding of problem-based solutions can help you to provide meaningful plans for positive growth in multiple treatment settings.

If you pursue a career as a social work professional in the state of New Hampshire, the BLS reports that you can earn $74,160 per year on average in the field. This average includes social workers in all fields and is based upon actual earnings reported by social work professionals.