Residents of Wisconsin currently have numerous Bachelor of Social Work programs to choose from all across their state. There are currently 15 available accredited BSW programs containing reviewed and approved courses and experience requirements awaiting new applicants each semester.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Wisconsin

Wisconsin BSW Careers and Salaries

A large number of new students choose to pursue social work degree programs due to the versatility of this degree in the career field. Social workers can pursue careers in many different specialized areas, with social work positions being offered in some of the largest career fields in the U.S.

At the bachelor’s level, graduates of BSW programs can pursue careers in general case management in agencies in healthcare, child and family welfare, human services, and mental health. Social work positions can also be found in correctional and probational agencies, as well as rehabilitation centers and retirement homes.

The role that you play in the betterment of society can vary depending on which field you choose to work in after graduation. Your job may include assessing the needs of clients on your caseload, conducting weekly visits, establishing treatment plans, and keeping case records for each of your clients.

The average earnings for social workers in D.C. is around $55,950 each year on average. You can possibly increase your earning potential through gaining experience and pursuing careers in in-demand specialties within your residential area.