There are 3 CSWE-accredited BSW programs in South Dakota. When looking for programs, you should always ensure that your program is accredited prior to submitting your application. CSWE accredition is the premier agency for the field of social work.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in South Dakota

Popular CSWE Accredited BSW Program

The best BSW program for you should be one that includes all the components that you are looking for in a program, as well as meets your personal needs during the learning process. This could make either online or traditional more effective for you and could mean programs with or without field experience requirements.

One of the most chosen programs in the state of South Dakota is the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. This program includes a 120-credit hour degree plan that can take around 4 years to complete for those enrolled at a full-time rate.

This program is unique in that it can allow you to explore specialized topics during your BSW curriculum. The program requires that you choose 6-credit hours of elective courses that include Social Work in Child Welfare, Mental Health, Aging Populations and People with Disabilities, and even Native Populations.

This customizable program can provide you with a great foundation of knowledge pertaining to the specific groups that you dream of working with in the field. This university can also assist you as you seek out social agencies within your practice area for your field experience component.

BSW Careers and Salary

Social work professionals may be some of the most vital, influential, and essential service providers in the U.S. The support provided by these professionals can be important to individuals with little to no resources, families involved in the social welfare system, or even people with no one to turn to in their time of need.

With a BSW degree, you can pursue popular career titles like Rehabilitation Social Worker, Mental Health Case Manager, Family Service Worker, or even Special Advocate. Each of these career titles include unique responsibilities for varying populations of people in society.

The average salary for social work professionals in South Dakota is $67,700. This wage information is provided by data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and is calculated using actual wage figures for social workers in multiple settings.

Our team encourages you to explore the type of career you would like to pursue prior to choosing a BSW program to enroll in. This can help you choose a program that can provide you with the skills you need to positive influence individuals in your field of choice.