The state of Iowa offers traditional and online BSW degree programs for you to choose from. Schools ranging from public non profit institutions to private colleges offer the BSW on campus or online.

Bachelor of Social Work Degrees in Iowa

Iowa BSW Careers and Salary

Graduates that become social work professionals in the state of Iowa can potentially earn an average salary of $60,070 per year. This average is based on statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and provides averages based on actual social workers currently in the field.

With your BSW degree, you can potentially pursue careers as in-home family support workers who are responsible for establishing helpful program plans for increasing positive behaviors, developing healthy relationships, and creating appropriate boundaries for families in need.

Social work professionals can also work for human services agencies responsible for providing families with nutritional support and financial assistance during times of need. Professionals working in this specialized area may be employed by local government agencies or through non-profit organizations.

One of the most popular career options for BSW holders can be found in case management positions for varying agencies. Case managers may hold a caseload of clients and coordinate their care and services as required through an organized treatment plan.