We found 1 MSW program in Rhode Island. Licensure for Social Workers in Rhode Island is administered by the Division of Health Services Regulation, and the National Social Workers is run by the NASW Rhode Island Chapter.

MSW Programs in Rhode Island

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Rhode Island MSW Programs

Number of Accredited MSW Programs in Rhode Island Schools with MSW Programs
1 MSW programs in Rhode Island
Rhode Island Social Work Licensure Social Work Licensure
LCSW, LMSW and LSW licensure in Rhode Island is overseen by the Division of Health Services Regulation.
Rhode Island Social Work Organizations Social Work Careers
The National Association of Social Workers chapter in Rhode Island is the NASW Rhode Island Chapter.

Rhode Island can be a great place for social work professionals to spread their wings. Although small in size, this state may have a lot to offer upcoming students interested in learning techniques to help others lead happy lifestyles.

The state of Rhode Island currently offers a MSW program that can help students dive deep into sociology, psychology, and business topics that can be relevant to the field of social work, as well as act as a first step for becoming licensed as a professional in their state.

Because there is just one MSW program in Rhode Island, you might consider one of the online MSW programs available.

If You Do Not Yet Have a Bachelors: View BSW programs in Rhode Island(includes online).

Online MSW Programs in Rhode Island

The benefits to online educational programs in social work can often go well beyond what my be expected from upcoming students. Online degree programs can be a great way to engage in coursework without having to sacrifice time away from home or away from family.

The state of Rhode Island can be an excellent foundation for further learning in this field, which is why so many students may seek out convenient degree options from within. If you are seeking online MSW programs, you should first consider the reliability of the programs you are looking for.

Campus Based MSW Programs in Rhode Island

Rhode Island's single MSW program can be found at Rhode Island College. This university may have what students need to become educated and experienced professionals in the social work field.

The MSW program at this school is currently accredited by the CSWE, which is basically the highest standard a social work degree can have in the U.S. Different concentration options for those interested in enrolling in this program include Clinical Social Work and Macro Social Work (Policy and Practice).

Each of these concentrations can touch on diverse areas of the social work field, including that may be concerned with the general wellness and service to people throughout community and those that can help students learn more about the policies that drive the social work field as it is today.

Rhode Island Social Worker Careers with an MSW Degree

Popular career options for Rhode Island residents include those in child and family social work and mental health social work. Some of the most popular cities for social workers may also be some of the highest paying. Check out this guide to learn more about social workers in Rhode Island.

  • Child, Family, and School Social Work: $61,660 median salary per year. In Child, Family, and School Social Work, professionals may be responsible for a caseload of 10-20 children. Checking school progress, visitations with family members, and establishing mental health care can be some of the career responsibilities in this field.
  • Healthcare Social Work: $78,870 median salary per year. In Healthcare, Social Workers can meet with clients that are in need of mental health care due to issues with coping with serious health-related illness. In some cases, Healthcare Social Workers may also advocate for their client's needs to medical staff or in a court setting.
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Work: $76,410 median salary per year. Choosing a career in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Work can lead to intriguing responsibilities like choosing appropriate therapists, family consults and guidance, and community integration planning.
  • Social Work, All Other: $77,970 median salary per year. If you are interested in pursuing unique Social Work opportunities in your state, you should consider fields like the justice system, corrections, and clinical Social Work during your search.

2021 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and employment figures for Child, Family, and School Social Workers; Healthcare Social Workers; Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers; Social Workers, All other, reflect national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed March 2023. 

Rhode Island Social Work Licensure

The Rhode Island Board of Examination of Social Workers offers 2 types of licensing to master's social workers in this state. The Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) option in this state differs from other states in that it is not an independently practicing license option. LCSWs can become licensed after completion of their MSW program and passing the ASWB examination. The Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) option is the clinical specialty for social workers in this field and requires 3,000 hours of clinical supervision prior to licensing.

CSWE Accredited MSW programs

The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) is the leading agency for accreditation in social work. Online MSW programs approved by the CSWE can be supportive resources throughout your career and can even promote your licensure in the field. Another thing to consider before making your choice on online MSW programs is the type of specialization to pursue.

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Online MSW programs can be found with specialization such as Clinical Social Work, Children, Youth, and Families, Healthcare, Mental Health, and even Substance Abuse. Each of these areas of expertise can be helpful to students that have a desire to work in specific fields in social work or perform certain activities within their daily professional lives.