We found 1 Master of Social Work program in North Dakota. Licensure for Social Workers in North Dakota is administered by the Board Of Social Work Examiners , and the National Social Workers is run by the NASW North Dakota Chapter.

MSW Programs in North Dakota

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North Dakota MSW Programs

Number of Accredited MSW Programs in North Dakota Schools with MSW Programs
1 MSW programs in North Dakota
North Dakota Social Work Licensure Social Work Licensure
LCSW, LMSW and LSW licensure in North Dakota is overseen by the Board Of Social Work Examiners.
North Dakota Social Work Organizations Social Work Careers
The National Association of Social Workers chapter in North Dakota is the NASW North Dakota Chapter.

Students in North Dakota seeking higher educational realms in social work may be pleased to learn that their state has delivered what they need to succeed. In this area of the U.S., there is 1 MSW program available containing the necessary accreditation for state licensure in social work.

The University of North Dakota can allow students to take part in course work that can help them identify needs within their community and implement programs and plans to assist with well-being improvement. The University of North Dakota is located in Grand Forks, ND, and is the state's oldest university. Its MSW program is available on-campus and online, and is 36 credit hours.

For those that are looking for an Online MSW program, there are multiple available to North Dakota residents. Consider a featured program below.

If You Do Not Yet Have a Bachelors: View BSW programs in North Dakota(includes online).

North Dakota Licensure Process

The licensing process for social work professionals at the masters level may begin with research into state requirements. The agency that leads the licensing in this field is the North Dakota Board Of Social Work Examiners. If you were to research the recommendations of this agency, you might find that one of the main requirements for licensure is a MSW degree that has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Accredited degree programs can consist of relevant elements of social work that have been approved for use in the training of social work professionals.

North Dakota Social Worker Careers with an MSW Degree

If you are curious about what your MSW degree and licensing can do for you, look through these common careers listed below. Each offers a unique service to clients that can help improve lives and ensure safety for those being served.

  • Child, Family, and School Social Work: $59,810 median salary per year. Social Workers in this area may work weekly with their clients, represent clients during meetings, or even work as part of an emergency response team in times of crisis. Social Workers may be responsible for ensuring the safety of their clients and connecting them with therapy, housing resources, or supportive educational programs.
  • Healthcare Social Work: $59,800 median salary per year. The main role of the Healthcare Social Worker is assessing the needs of clients. This can include meetings with clients, families, and doctors during a normal work day. Locating services, setting appointments, and regular follow-ups may also be part of the care process.
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Work: $52,620 median salary per year. Social Workers in Mental Health and Substance Abuse may work with clients that are currently under the care of therapists or rehabilitation facilities. They may help clients arrange therapy, housing, employment, or even education to help support success within their treatment programs.
  • Social Work, All Other: $73,260 median salary per year. In North Dakota, you can pursue clinical positions in the field of Social Work for your career. In this position, you can work independently with clients that are in need of therapeutic services using common counseling techniques and assessments.

Social Worker Salaries in North Dakota’s Metropolitan Areas

  • Fargo: $73,260 median salary per year

2021 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and employment figures for Child, Family, and School Social Workers; Healthcare Social Workers; Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers; Social Workers, All other, reflect national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed March 2023. 

North Dakota Social Work Licensure

The North Dakota Board of Social Work Examiners can be your leading resource for licensing within this state.

The Licensed Social Worker (LSW) option is the only licensing option in N.D. that does not require clinical experience. Students holding a BSW or MSW may apply for this type of licensing.

The ASWB bachelor's examination is another requirement at this level. Those considering clinical licensing must also complete around 2 year of supervised experience.

Online MSW Programs in North Dakota

North Dakota can be a great place to train in the field of social work. The state has recognized the need for flexibility with college education and allowed for online degree programs in social work to become available for upcoming students. There is 1 online MSW program available in this state that can be utilized by residents in cities throughout the state. This program may take 1-3 years to complete depending on your enrollment status and contains all of the necessary accreditation for licensure. If you were to enroll in this program, you may be responsible for taking part in a supervised work experience requirement during your program.

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Online MSW programs may consist of some of the same elements that you might find in traditional degree programs. Students might be more attracted to online programs since they do not have the same rigid structure as traditional programs and students can often log in at times that work better for their personal schedules. Online MSW programs can also contain specializations that can be helpful in guiding a student’s learning towards the groups in society that mean the most to them.