We found 2 Master of Social Work programs in Nebraska, with one online MSW program at the University of Nebraska Online. Licensure for Social Workers in Nebraska is administered by the Bureau Of Examining Boards , and the National Social Workers is run by the NASW Nebraska Chapter.

MSW Programs in Nebraska

University of Nebraska Omaha MSW Program

The MSW program offered by this state can provide students with the option of pursuing either a traditional MSW program or advanced standing MSW program. Depending on whether or not you have completed a Bachelors in Social Work, the advanced standing program can be a way for you to complete your program faster and begin your experience in the field. This program may also require that students take part in a supervised internship, which can provide a platform for furthering a person’s understanding of the curriculum within a real world environment.

More on MSW Programs in Nebraska

While you may see higher numbers of programs available, it is important to verify that the program you are applying to has all of the necessary accreditations for licensure in Nebraska, especially CSWE accreditation. The Nebraska Bureau Of Examining Boards may be the leading state agency responsible for reviewing the curriculum of MSW programs and determining whether they meet the minimum standard for students seeking licensure.