We found 4 Master of Social Work programs in Connecticut. Licensure for Social Workers in Connecticut is administered by the Department of Public Health, and the National Social Workers is run by the NASW Connecticut Chapter.

MSW Programs in Connecticut

Connecticut MSW Programs

Number of Accredited MSW Programs in Connecticut Schools with MSW Programs
4 MSW programs in Connecticut
Connecticut Social Work Licensure Social Work Licensure
LCSW, LMSW and LSW licensure in Connecticut is overseen by the Department of Public Health.
Connecticut Social Work Organizations Social Work Careers
The National Association of Social Workers chapter in Connecticut is the NASW Connecticut Chapter.

There are 4 MSW programs throughout this state that can be helpful tools for students with these goals.

If you are interested in becoming licensed as a social worker, you should also review the requirements set forth by the Department of Public Health. This agency is the primary licensing agency for professionals in this field.

In Connecticut, if you are curious about which colleges could be the best choice for you, you should consider the University of Saint Joseph, the University of Connecticut, Southern Connecticut State University, and Quinnipiac University.

At each of these schools, students can choose to pursue specializations such as Clinical Social Work, Child and Family Social Work, and even School Social Work. For on-campus MSW programs, look towards cities such as New Haven and Hartford when seeking cities that can provide you with high quality MSW programs.

Online MSW Programs in Connecticut

Students with the desire to work in the public domain should consider a degree in social work. MSW programs can assist students in learning more about diverse populations, common struggles among citizens, and the services that can be provided to assist them.

Degrees at the masters level can lead to licensure for upcoming professionals, which may be one of the reasons why these programs are so popular among college students. If you are seeking a flexible path to higher career opportunities, you should consider a completely online MSW program in the state of Connecticut. Online MSW programs can be convenient programs that can be attended from your very own home.

When seeking online MSW programs, you should find programs that have received accreditation through the CSWE. This agency accredits both traditional and online programs and is one of the top accreditation agencies in the field. Social work professionals interested in pursuing licensure must complete a degree program that contains the right type of accreditation, as well as be involved in a supervised work experience requirement. Online MSW programs can be found at part-time, full-time, and advanced standing statuses, which can be helpful for a wide range of potential students.

If You Do Not Yet Have a Bachelors: View BSW programs in Connecticut(includes online).

Connecticut Social Worker Careers with an MSW Degree

Upcoming Social Workers in Connecticut can pursue careers in a wide variety of settings after completion of the MSW degree program and state licensure. Read through the intriguing career areas and licensing requirements below to begin your journey into this field.

  • Child, Family, and School Social Workers: Median salary of $74,140 per year in Connecticut. Connecticut Social Workers in Child, Family, and School specializations can become a meaningful and supportive aspect within their clients lives. Connecting with clients, conducting regular check-ins, and establishing a treatment schedule depending on individual needs can be a large component of work in this field.
  • Healthcare Social Workers: Median salary of $76,410 per year in Connecticut. Healthcare Social Workers in this state can provide individuals involved with the healthcare field with a voice in regards to their treatment and follow-up services. In some cases, Social Workers may be assigned to advocate for clients that do not have the ability to speak on their own behalf and those that do not have family members available to help support them.
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers: Median salary of $65,230 per year in Connecticut. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers can be employed by mental health agencies, hospitals, or even long-term rehabilitation facilities in need of treatment managers. Your role in these positions may include establishing goals for clients, following up on regular mental health services, and assisting clients with reintegrating back into society.
  • Social Workers, All Other: Median salary of $64,380 per year in Connecticut. The field of Social Work can be incredibly diverse in the state of Connecticut. Job openings that encourage home visits, advocacy, and planning can be found in community housing agencies, welfare divisions, and even within private practice.

Social Worker Salaries in Connecticut’s Metropolitan Areas

  • Bridgeport: $48,960 median salary per year
  • Hartford: $64,380 median salary per year
  • New Haven: $77,190 median salary per year

2021 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and employment figures for Child, Family, and School Social Workers; Healthcare Social Workers; Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers; Social Workers, All other, reflect national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed March 2023. 

Connecticut Social Work Licensure

The Connecticut State Board of Public Health provides detailed instructions for MSW graduates applying for a social work license.

The most popular licensure path for MSW earners is the LMSW, which requires no field experience for obtaining. Graduates interested in pursuing this type of licensure can submit their application to the board and successfully pass the ASWB examination for social work professionals.

If you are wanting to go further with your certification, you could potentially qualify for licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) after completing around 3,000 hours of clinical supervised experience under a licensed supervisor.

More on MSW Programs in Connecticut

The Master in Social Work degree program can be a great tool for students that have the desire to work with diverse groups in society. Through universities in Connecticut, students can learn more about the personal skills and attributes that may be helpful for success in the field, as well as the laws and regulations that apply when working in the public domain.

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