We found 12 Master of Social Work programs in Minnesota. Licensure for Social Workers in Minnesota is administered by the MN Board of Social Work (BOSW), and the National Social Workers is run by the NASW Minnesota Chapter.

MSW Programs in Minnesota

Minnesota MSW Programs

Number of Accredited MSW Programs in Minnesota Schools with MSW Programs
11 MSW programs in Minnesota
Minnesota Social Work Licensure Social Work Licensure
LCSW, LMSW and LSW licensure in Minnesota is overseen by the Board of Social Work.
Minnesota Social Work Organizations Social Work Careers
The National Association of Social Workers chapter in Minnesota is the NASW Heartland.

People interested in social work careers may have several steps to complete prior to working with clients in the field.

If you are interested in learning more about where these programs may be located throughout the state, you might be delighted to find out that programs are most popular in Minneapolis, Mankato, and Saint Cloud.

You might also consider an Online CSWE accredited MSW program.

Each of these cities in Minnesota can offer students MSW programs that can assist in fruitful and meaningful careers.

If you plan to pursue a license as a social work professional, please consider the recommendations of the Minnesota Board of Social Work prior to choosing a degree program. The MN BOSW is responsible for approving license applications and may require that students complete degree programs that hold proper accreditation.

Minnesota Social Worker Careers with an MSW Degree

Minnesota offers a wide range of career options for Social Work professionals. Working with individuals and families within different metropolitan areas can include varying career responsibilities and may include diverse median salaries.

  • Child, Family, and School Social Workers: $54,280 median salary per year. Social Workers in both the home and school environment can conduct home visits when reports of educational interference or welfare have been made. Ensuring client safety through family assessments, educational assessments, and alcohol and drug assessments can also be a major core responsibility of professionals within this specialty.
  • Healthcare Social Workers: $58,220 median salary per year. Social Workers in the field of healthcare may hold a wide array of responsibilities of their clients. Some of those include the coordination of intake into treatment programs, working with individuals and families as they adjust to new diagnoses or disability, and also working with clinicians to develop discharge plans.
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers: $51,890 median salary per year. As a Mental Health Social Worker, you may assist in the assessment of a client's mental or physical condition for further treatments. This can be followed by the development of treatment programs, as well as follow-up in different stages of progress. You may also refer your clients to supportive resources including those for housing, employment, and additional therapeutic services as needed.
  • Social Workers, All Other: $65,310 median salary per year. Social Workers in Minnesota may also have access to specialized career opportunities including those in team leadership, which can include managing teams of Social Work professionals. Crisis intervention Social Workers could be another alternative option for you consider. Crisis workers may intervene during medical, emotional, or behavior crises that threaten an individual's health and wellness.

Social Worker Salaries in Minnesota

  • Duluth: $58,090 median salary per year
  • Mankato: $67,250 median salary per year
  • Minneapolis: $68,040 median salary per year
  • Rochester: $62,340 median salary per year

Sourced from the BLS.

Minnesota Social Work Licensure

The Minnesota Board of Social Work offers different licensing options to graduate-level incoming Social Work professionals.

The most common and easiest license to obtain in this state is the Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW) option. This option requires an application, proof of CSWE-accredited degree, and completion of the ASWB examination.

Higher licensing options such as the Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) also require that prospects complete 4,000 hours of supervised experience under the supervision of a LISW.

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